Thursday, January 26, 2017

Republicans Replace Obamacare with Disastercare

And the winner is: "Disastercare!" 
Of all the scores of entries into the naming contest, Disastercare wins the prize.
Oh, there were many contenders: Chumpcare, Delusioncare, Vaporcare, Disappearingcare, Foolcare, Abrcadabracare, Trumpedyoucare.

Now, you will say, it's premature to name the thing before it's been hatched, but, hey, the Republicans are so far ahead of the Dems on naming, cut us some slack.

Susan Collins presented a plan which would, somehow, allow some states to elect to keep Obamacare.
That could cause problems for Kentucky, whose Senator Mitch McConnell decried Obamacare as the worse thing since The Black Death.  Kynect, the Obamacare program for Kentucky, was wildly popular. Folks there had never had health insurance and then they got their health insurance and they loved it. When asked how they felt about Obamacare, they said they hated it. Now, hopefully, those good citizens of Kentucky will lose their Obamacare and we'll see how they like that.

Personally, I like Disastercare because it comes, more of less, right from the mouth of The Donald hisownself.

Alternative fact News:
1/ Donald Trump informs us of the 63 million votes cast for Hillary Clinton all but three were fraudulent! (Mr. and Mrs. Clinton and Chelsea voted non fraudulently.)
2/ Donald Trump ended "catch and release" for Mexican immigrants. We will now put all those caught on the grill and sell them in fajitas as high protein alternatives for the inner city poor caught in the carnage. In Chicago it won't be fajitas but polish sausage.
3/ Water boarding will be reinstituted for all terrorist subjects.  If you are accused of fraudulent voting, that will be punishable by waterboarding, or, if you have registered in two states you may be subjected to snow boarding, unless your last name ends in Trump or Bannon.
4/ Mexico will definitely pay for the wall. China will be sent a bill as well, just as soon as we can get some of those Chinese engineers and construction workers who built the Great Wall in place to help us build our wall. While the American taxpayer will pay upfront costs for the Wall, Mexico will ultimately pay "one way or another" which might include a tax on dishwashers, construction workers, and lawn care workers living here in the USA, documented or not.
5/ The American Embassy will be moved to Jerusalem today. Actually, no physical stuff with be moved, but we consider Tel Aviv, the current site of the Embassy, to be Jerusalem, which in alternative fact, it is.

That's all for now: Stay tuned for Daily Headlines from HNHMDD or HobbitMadd, for short. You may say that is actually 4 letters longer than HNHMDD, but in altfact, it's not.

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