Monday, January 23, 2017

Trump Brings the House Down, at the CIA: Wild Applause

Did you watch Trump at the CIA, standing in front of that wall with the names  and stars of dead CIA agents? 

I would have served, but I had these heel spurs.

Did you wonder who was doing all that raucous and enthusiastic cheering, especially when he said the "Media" consists of the world's most dishonest people?
 You could not see more than the tops of a few heads but you could hear the laughing and clapping.

No faces. Just laughing heads. Very Spooky.

And I thought: Wow!
I knew dozens of CIA employees during my years in Washington, and I never knew any who would allow themselves that sort of display.
It's true, I did not know any of the CIA "ops" people--all those I knew were analysts, who tended to be bookish, very analytical, open minded, sophisticated, worldly types who tended to smile faint, economic smiles, to betray moments of private amusement, and you often didn't know what you had said to amuse them.
But belly laughing, raucous types, no. These were more Smiley types than James Bond types. But even Bond would never carry on like that. They sounded like a bunch of drunken Russians who just discovered and washed down the agency's secret stash of Stolichnaya. 
Some FBI agents might be like that. 
FBI agents were more like cops, when they weren't bookish accountant nerd types. 
But CIA?
Our fearless leader.

That scene simply baffled me.
I've read on the internet that crowd standing in front of the podium were a group of Trump's own White House entourage.
That would make sense, although it seemed like a rather large entourage. I suppose a dozen men, amplified with microphones, could sound that thunderous.
This is the first mystery about Mr. Trump's first day I'd like to see resolved. 
Why doesn't the media ask about who those guys were who were stomping and cheering? 
Are there not any crowd shots?
Might not be, of this particular crowd. 
Even the stars on the wall do not always have names attached. 
The Spooks want to remain unseen, unidentified.
But, really, who were those guys?
If they were not CIA employees, but were, in fact Trump stooges and plants, is that not a story? Is this not a bit of manufactured news, Trump style?

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