Monday, March 6, 2017


Never heard of this guy Mark Levin, but he says President Obama used all the instrumentalities of the government to place wire taps on Trump Tower, and the evidence is overwhelming.
Mark Levin, Master of Instrumentalities

We just don't have the evidence but you know it's overwhelming. Or it will be, when we find it. 

Personally, I have to believe anybody who comes up with the word, "instrumentalities."  Microscoft Word underlines that one in red as soon as you type it, so you know it's a great word.

And I thought President Trump had all the best words. Well, apparently one got by him:  instrumentalities. Fantastic. Just incredible. 

Those instrumentalities done tapped the Donald's phones in Trump Tower, which must not be easy, given how high Trump Tower is and how tight the security. You'd need some real serious instrumentalities to get by all that and tap the phones.

"Overwhelming" evidence, as a word, not so much. I like "irrefutable," better. When it comes to adjectives, you want one as specific to the noun as you can get.

Of course, the key thing is whatever the evidence is, nobody's seen it, which makes it really irrefutable. And overwhelming, I suppose.
Justifiably upset by instrumentalities

There was some Washington lawyer on the News Hour tonight who looked like Yoda in glasses, saying that it was perfectly reasonable to think President Obama would have tapped the Donald's phones because we all know President Obama takes politics "very personally." This Republican lawyer was saying, based on that very personal thing, the Senate committee investigating the Russians should investigate President Obama as well. 

One thing I don't quite get: When Wikileaks tapped the phones at the DNC, or hacked their emails or whatever, Donald said, "Oh, you got to love Wikileaks." He was all for listening in then. I thought he sort of liked eavesdropping. Well, maybe he's evolved on that one.

But the guy on the News Hour said the committee should investigate, which only sounds fair. We should utilize the government instrumentalities to investigate President Obama and his wire tapping mania.
A  user of instrumentalities

While we are at it, we ought to re open that Benghazi investigation, and wouldn't you like to know if vaccines really do cause autism? 

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