Monday, March 27, 2017

President Trump: Max Headroom Comes to Life

The Donald is the ultimate entertainment-as-reality creature.

Then there is the advertisement in which the actor admits he is not really a surgeon but he plays one on T.V., so he should be taken seriously. That's The Donald.

Max Headroom was a British TV character who was created to look like a computer simulation of a real person, but not a real person. He was the creation of corporate greed and the public's hunger for an anti establishment figure who denigrated the idea of expertise and respectability. He was only ever a head and shoulders figure, created in a time just before computer technology had its big bang.

He was born around 1984 and disappeared soon thereafter, but he has returned  to life, like some latter day Frankenstein, as Donald John the Trump, President of the United States.

The Brits around this time also created "Spitting Image" puppets who looked like Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan and Reagan would be awakened at night, in a state of confusion and would inevitably push the bedside button unleashing nuclear holocaust.

We have got to stop taking Mr. Trump seriously. He is an entertainment figure, a reality show star of unreality.

If we are ever to bring him down, it will be with the instruments and devices of his own creation:  Comedy.

You could not kill a Toon, as well learned in Roger Rabbit, with ordinary weapons--bullets, axes, bombs would not touch them.

You needed a special dip to kill a Toon.

To undo and erase Mr. Trump, we need a media solution as well.

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