Thursday, March 23, 2017

Putin Schools Trump on Dealing with Judicial Review

Donald Trump needs some help navigating the new shoals which he faces as President. Really, his most public gig before the Presidency was Celebrity Apprentice and that could not have prepared him for dealing with judges who second guess him every second.

But his brofriend, Vladimir, has some great ideas about how to keep those people in the courts in line.

Take Nikolai Gorokhov, the lawyer for a whistle blower (now dead) who called attention to the billion dollar boondoggle which enriched Vladimir Putin and his friends. Later the whistle blower was accused of--what else?--income tax evasion and found dead, poisoned no doubt, or maybe he was contaminated with plutonium or shot, or found floating in the Volga, I can never keep straight how these Russian dissidents get dead. Moscow must make Chicago look like Peoria when it comes to violent death.

Anyway, Mr. Gorokov was on his way to court, when he "decided" to help a crew move a bath tub (or a sofa)  into a fourth floor apartment and he somehow fell out of the window. Details are scanty. Did he fall out of the window in the tub or did he follow the tub or did he fall out without the tub?  Whatever, he fell four stories, which is usually enough to prevent most lawyers from making their date in court.

Putin's government buddies just have the best of luck. Whenever someone really gets under their skin, and is headed to court where who knows what those judges might do, they just somehow turn up dead.

A woman in the parking lot told me that President Trump was talking to Mr. Putin about this on a phone in Trump Tower and he asked Mr. Putin if he had any ideas how he could persuade Justices Ginsberg, Sotomayer and Kagan to fall out of windows because he has had such a good time with the first Presidential appointment to the Supreme Court. Everyone loves him. He is such a winner. He has all the best words, this Gorsuch guy.

One thing Mr. Trump has learned from his international businesses is we have a lot to learn in this country about how to get things done.

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