Saturday, March 25, 2017

REPEAL! Don't Let that Dog off the Leash

The Republicans in Congress are that classic brand of coward who will taunt the dog who is leashed to the front porch, dance around throwing stones at him, as long as they can see nothing will happen to them.

But once that dog is off the leash, they don't want anything to do with that beast; they won't even set foot in the front yard. They'll cross the street and run as fast as they can.

So every day for 7 years they hurled invectives at Obamacare, said what a disaster it would be/is/was and they threw stones and they voted daily to repeal it, because they knew their votes would never have any effect.

You might think they would have been thinking about what they would do to replace it, if they ever got a chance. You might think when President Trump won the election November 8, more than 4 months ago, they would have done a few retreats, listened to some invited experts about what a good health care plan would require, had some late night sessions about what they wanted to do now.

But no.

They are all talk, no action.
Action would require crunching numbers, talking about policy, thinking about what sort of world they would like to see.
But no.
They are what they've been since at least 2008, the party of No.
Mitch McConnell said his only job in 2008 was to make sure whatever President Obama wanted to do would not happen.

Apparently, he liked that job and will do the same for Mr. Trump.

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