Monday, March 6, 2017

Space Aliens Confess All To President Trump!

What I want to know is what President Obama's wire tap on Trump Tower has to do with McCarthyism.

I get the Watergate comparison--you know, the President goes outside the FBI, CIA and NSA to hire some G. Gordon Liddy types to wire tap Trump Tower, but McCarthyism?  
McCarthy was all about witch hunts for Communist spies in the Federal government who sold out the United States, when in fact there were no communists in the United States government and certainly none who could have sold out the USA if they had wanted to.

Did Arnold Schwarzenegger have anything to do with the wiretap?

Wait, is this all about connecting dots?  Like maybe Arnold was working for Obama, and sneaked into Trump Tower and planted the bugs, and then Jeff Sessions got told about it and had to recuse himself from the investigation, but Comey wasn't told about it and didn't know about it because he was just closing in on tracking down Obama's REAL birth certificate which shows, very clearly, he is a Muslim born on Mars, and that's why nobody every knew him in school. 

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has got herself in trouble with one of the space aliens who was hanging about the State Department around the time of Benghazi, which was why she was so cagey about who she spent the night with after she went home from the office that night. It wasn't General Petraeus. It was that space alien.

Obama is just so bad, or sick, or both. Very sick. Incredibly sick, actually.
It is just so incredible. President Trump has all the best words, like "incredible."  Ever think about that?  He says something and then he says "it's just incredible." So he's telling you, actually, he does not think whatever he said is credible. 
So what are we getting so upset about?

I am going to set my alarm for 5 AM every morning so I can get my coffee, turn on my computer and read President Trump's morning tweet.  He is going to put Fox News and the National Enquirer out of business. Who needs them when you've got the Presidential tweet?  First there was FDR and the fireside chats. Not we've got those incredible tweets. So Presidential. Really. I can hardly wait.

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