Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Really liked the tie. President Trump has the best ties. He generally wears that dark blue suit and he favors white shirts but it's the ties where he really lets his personality shine through  and the dark blue tie  with the narrow white diagonal stripes looked very sharp last night. Downright Presidential.

And he started so well--telling his neo Nazi, white supremacist, off the grid fans that it was not good to topple the gravestones in Jewish cemeteries. I may have sounded like Adolph during the campaign, but ixnay on the Jew baiting. This is American fascism, not European.

The Europeans are such losers--we don't need that anti Semitic stuff to stoke fear here. We got those rapist Mexicans for that.

Trump is a consummate showman. I really liked all the stuff he promised:  More weapons systems for cheap, great hardware for the military, big wall to keep out all the illegal alien gang members, who will never figure out a way over, around or under that Great Wall of Trumptopia.

And a trillion dollars of infrastructure, the biggest thing since the interstate highway system, only financed by private corporations. So how's that going to work? They lend the money to build the road and how do they make money on the road? All I can think is: tolls. Just when I got used to driving down Route 95 without tolls, they go back to tolls, but I got that Easypass, so what the heck?  Private roads and private schools for inner city kids, because, you know, government can't do anything right.

And Obamacare, didn't work in Kentucky he says.  Rates went up and all the insurance companies fled the state. The former governor of Kentucky who implemented the program begged to differ. He said all they had to do to make people love Obamacare in Kentucky was to rename it Kynect.  But, hey, why quibble?

And oh, all those awful immigrant murderers.  Mr. Trump pointed to the father whose son was slain by an immigrant gang nogoodnik who had been deported twice before he murdered the man's son.  Does that not say something about the impotence of deportation? But, oh, wait. We'll have a wall.

And Ryan's widow up there sitting next to Ivanka. Did you notice Ivanka had that off the shoulder red dress? She looked stunning, but what was with that black bra strap?
As Mr. Trump pointed out, they kept the camera on Ryan's widow for so long, it was a new indoor record for people as stage props for a joint session speech. She was under a lot of pressure as an animate prop--first she raised her chin bravely; then she cried; then she clasped her hands together and looked Heavenward in prayer. I think she was talking to dead Ryan, and President Trump certainly said Ryan was looking down happily from Heaven at his happy widow. It was just like one of those TV shows, like the Jim Baaker show, or Pat Robertson or Billy Graham. Just ecstatic joy in the hall. Donald is such a showman. The best ever President. So fantastic. Incredible, in every sense of the word. Really.

He's got Ford and all those American companies bringing jobs back to the USA, tax cuts for corporations and the rich, healthcare way better than Obamacare for all, jobs, jobs, jobs especially for the coal miners who will dig clean coal--love that clean coal.

Hey, I'd like to wake up 20 years younger, 20 pounds lighter and with a full head of hair. Do you think he can do that for me?


  1. Mad Dog,
    Agreed, Trumptopia is going to transform us into the Promised Land....I liked how he started his speech "deeply delivered " from his "heart"..Oh that was a good sign..and it was almost biblical-"American greatness is now beginning" and his coming to power likened to an earthquake...Hold onto your hats folks, we may be seeing a parting of the seas in the not so distant future..

    He's going to build "the great, great" wall of Mexico, hyper arm the military, revamp healthcare and rebuild our crumbling infrastructure..All paid how? Oh who cares-he's going to put "tens of thousands" of Americans back to work and dying industries won't just be coming back-they'll come "roaring back". Oh those lucky coal miners..Alacazam and bippity boppity boo..He's going to do this and he's going to do that..Watch him turn water into wine...

    Best of all he's going to start the agency VOICE to keep track of all the savage immigrants slaughtering innocent Americans. Real Americans. The crimes the fake lying media is trying to hide from us.. We should all sleep well tonight, not only do we have a magical president, he's a snazzy dresser-as is his fashion icon daughter with the cool black bra strap..

  2. Maud,
    I do like the bra strap.
    You forgot to mention Mexico will pay for the wall.
    And I heard you'll be able to see the wall from outer space.
    And Kentucky jeest can't wait to get rid of Obamacare.
    Mad Dog