Friday, April 7, 2017

Gassed Babies Avenged by Cosmetic Air Strike

Those who ignore history are condemned to retweet it.
--David Brooks

Soooo, what did the Syrian airmen do when they noticed all the Russians packing up and leaving the Shayrat airbase? 

Did they not say, "Hey, Boris? Where're you going?"
"Oh, nowhere, Achmed, just getting off the base ahead of the U.S. Tomahawk missile attack, which is due here in about four hours."
"Gee, Boris, do you think we ought to move our airplanes?"
"Well, that's up to you, Achmed.  But I wouldn't leave the keys to your car in that plane you got parked under that concrete arch."

So, President Trump was just appalled by Assad gassing babies to death, so he ordered some precision bombing which took out, what I'm guessing were empty airplane bunkers, but left the runways and Saran gas dumps intact. 
We are now told, by various sources, 6 MIG warplanes which were being repaired were destroyed. Which means? You don't need a PhD to speculate all the working war planes were evacuated before the strike because: WE TOLD THE RUSSIANS THE MISSILES WERE COMING.
The Syrian air force personnel must have been disgruntled about having to run out and move their airplanes on short notice. And the noise of those explosions! My dog went crazy during the thunderstorms in Hampton last night--I can only imagine the poor Syrian dogs near that airbase.
So we had a feel good moment.  Or Trump did. Or maybe all those tough talking, crew cut Republicans you see on Fox News and all the other networks. Oh, we showed them!  We sent a message! Oh, Assad will think twice before disobeying Trump again!  Wow, is Trump tough, or what?

And about those dead, gassed babies: Do you think the babies--beautiful babies--much cared whether they were gassed or blown to bits by barrel bombs? Apparently, this made all the difference to President Trump, the idea of killing beautiful babies with gas.
So what Mr. Trump is saying is: "Oh, you can bomb them, but you just cannot gas them."

But did anyone ever ask the babies?
Oh, and by the way, beautiful babies, you are still not welcomed in the US of A. Well, maybe we'd take in some beautiful babies, but none of those Trojan horse parents.

We have very selective sympathies, here in America. We like cute things.

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