Thursday, April 6, 2017

Senator Corker: Syria's Obama's Fault

One thing you can say for Republicans, they are shameless; they got chutzpah.
It's all Obama's fault. Certainly Congress is blameless.

This morning, the chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee, Bob Corker, of Tennessee,  claimed if President Obama had only done some unnamed thing right back in 2013, we would never have had Assad dropping those chemical weapons on those villagers in Syria today.

As Alisyn Camerota pointed out, when Obama made noises about taking military action, the Senate and House told him their constituents had no appetite for spending more America lives or treasure in defense of Syrians and Obama had to settle for getting Russia to get Assad to agree to get rid of his chemical weapons, which, apparently he either did not do or he simply made new chemical weapons.
Doesn't he look good in that uniform?

Back in 2013, Corker was all for taking some sort of military action against Assad, because, as he said this morning, he had been to the Syrian refugee camps, and seen the suffering, but even today he could not really say exactly what military action he wanted Obama to take. If only Obama hadn't been so irresolute. If only he had drawn that red line in the sand and done something, (!) well, then Assad would have taken America seriously. It's all about sending the message. Whatever that may be.

As Richard Russell told Lyndon Johnson, when Johnson asked what he ought to do about Vietnam--Russell said, "You know, you don't really want to be in Vietnam."
LBJ replied, "Well, that's for damn sure."
Russell, "Well, them Viet Cong.  They know that, too."

Every time I hear some simpleton Congressman or neighbor say, "Oh, Obama was so stupid, telling them when we are going to leave! Trump is right. You don't tell them."
Well, Einstein, the point is, they can listen to the news. They know President Obama, President Trump, not a single American President wants to be in their dusty, God forsaken pitiful excuse for a country country. We are going to get out and they will still be  there. We do not need or want their oil. We sure as hell don't have any interest in hanging out at their bazaars watching them stone women to death or chop off hands and heads.  So whether we announce a date or not, they know all they have to do is stay there and they'll outlast us. Memo to American morons: We are not fooling them by refusing to announce a departure date. They do not need a date.

As for Syria, I suppose we could have simply assassinated Assad and left Syria to find a new strongman. Would we then have had another failed Middle Eastern state like Iraq? Whatever, we don't want to be there shoring up Syria as we are failing to do in Iraq.

Well, today, a new Syrian leader  looks more appetizing than having a functional Syria headed by a monster, but then you get ISIS popping up like whack a moles.

So now the Republicans have got out their playbooks and Trump and the Congressional Republicans are all singing, "It's Obama's fault."

I guess those voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio are all nodding in agreement.
I would recommend to all of these heartland, rust belt voters the movie "Born on the Fourth of July" or maybe, "The Deerhunter."  It's fine to be low information voters and ignorant and simple, but look what happens to your sons and daughters when the sleaze balls they vote for get into office.
President Trump Says It's Obama's Fault.

You're lucky if you come home in a flag draped coffin. The unlucky ones are quadraplegics in their wheel chairs with their colostomy bags.

Of course, what never gets asked when some lame brain like Senator Corker starts talking is this:  Senator, every few months we see some horrible images on TV of kids gassed, a toddler face down in the sand on a beach after his refugee boat overturned and he drowned, a kid in a hospital with his arm blow off and we get all sympathetic to the suffering of babies and kids and women who are caught in the crossfire of wars.  And we say, "We've got to DO something!" It's terrible watching such suffering.  But the question is: What can we do?  And which of these people on this conveyor belt of death and dismemberment do we decide to step in and help by whacking their attackers?  Syria today?  Boco Harum tomorrow?  The Taliban in Afghanistan the next day?  ISIS in Iraq? Radical somebodies in Libya? Nasties in Somalia or Sudan? 

Beyond sputtering and fuming, do we have anybody who actually has brains enough to say:  let's think about this and do something effective when we can and realize when we cannot.

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