Thursday, May 11, 2017

Let Them Tweet Fake

Last night I listened to a former New Hampshire Democratic Congressman talk about how Obamacare came into existence.

Today I read Thomas Edsall's analysis in the New York Times of the impact of the new Republican healthcare act, AHCA (Trumpcare)  most of which will not kick in until after the next Congressional and Presidential elections.

The fact is, I have never read the Obamacare law which I gather may be as long as 1,000 pages. Same is true for the new Republican plan.

These plans are very complicated because they are not Medicare nor any sort of government run healthcare, like the systems in England or Canada. They are complex as insurance policies, not simple like Social Security.

The basic flaw in the American system, Obamacare or Trumpcare is that it is not really designed to deliver health care; it is designed to provide profit for health insurance companies. Some healthcare occurs as a result of each law, but that healthcare is not  the basic feature. There is a difference between health insurance and healthcare.  Obamacare was, in many ways, a health insurance industry rescue act. Along the way, it provided health and dental care to a lot of folks who never had much of either.

Republicans have sold enough American voters on the notion that government=bad to make any government administered plan, like Medicare, become an anathema. All Republicans have to say is, "Oh, you don't want some government bureaucrat controlling your health care, do you?" and people groan, "Oh, no!"  Of course, the alternative is you have some health insurance employee, whose motivation is to be sure you are a profit center for her company.
 The truth is, most people complain about Medicare, but like a longtime spouse, for all the complaints, they would be devastated without it.

Ultimately, as the Edsall article shows with a stunning map, the people who will suffer most from Trumpcare are the very voters who put him into office. If there is any Schadenfreude connected to this, it is some comfort.

Blue is where premiums will fall; brown is where they rise, the darker the bigger the increase
Those folk who were simply clinging to their guns, religion, hate and fear will never know what hit them or who hit them. They will believe it was all Obama's fault or the Democrats' fault or anyone's fault except their own fault or the fault of their cherished surrogate, Donald the Trump.
They are Trump chumps.
The Orangatan rules.

They will love him forever.
After World War II, magazines were forbidden to run a cover photo of Adolph Hitler because the authorities knew if they allowed that they would see those photos framed and hung all over Germany from bars to home parlors.  Parts of Germany were in ruin, reduced to rubble. Photos from the concentration camps were shown. Sons and husbands had been lost. But Germans who loved Hitler still loved Hitler.
The will of the people.  Democracy in action.

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