Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Pendulum

Speaking strictly for me, I'm enjoying Mr. Trump's presidency. I heard Mr. Sessions on the radio talking about hunting down illegal aliens who are preying on innocent American citizens, and the virtues of executing people, and I thought, "The worst thing for a bad product is good advertising." A couple more years of Sessions and DeVos and Sean Spicer and Trump Tweets and even the hillbillies in Kentucky will have had more than enough.

My sons got to frothing over my shoulder shrugs regarding Trump's likely "collusion" with the Russians during the election, and all I could say was everybody was colluding with someone during the election--that's what elections are all about. Did they think the Germans had no favorite pick in that election? Did they think the Koch brothers were not trying to influence the opinions of the American electorate. Or Fox News? Or Rush Limbaugh? 

But for Trump to work with the Russians--that's Treason!

Actually, Article Three of the United States Constitution: "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort."
I suppose one might argue Trump might have given Russia's Putin, "aid and comfort," but unless we were actually at war with Russia, one can hardly call that treason. In fact, many would argue, much as we find Putin distasteful, he cannot be called, officially, an "enemy," insofar as Mr. Trump said, during the election, he hoped for good relations with Russia, and he did not consider Russia an enemy. 
So who is allowed to define Russia as an enemy?

Even if Trump knew the stolen emails from the Democrats were stolen, there is no law against using the text. It's not like receiving stolen goods, if Wikileaks floods the internet with them. You are free to speak your mind about what someone else puts out there. And he made the most of it: Crooked Hillary! Lock her up!
Did Hillary not do the same with the "Grab them by the pussy" tapes?

So, no. Let us simply listen to Mr. Trump and his demented cabinet and enjoy Saturday Night Live and all those who can help us see them for what they are.

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