Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Will No One Rid Me of this Vexatious President?

How very pathetic to see the effete editors of the New York Times and others agitate themselves over the news du jour, each day bringing fresh hope the Donald will cross some line which will spell his downfall. 

Watch them now, listen to them on NPR,  voices rising through the octaves, as they imagine themselves before the House Committee on Oversight, bringing forth the words which will undo the election of 2016! All is not lost. 

Those in bred ignoramuses of the Rust Belt, those dull eyed, slack jawed dullards will not have the final word.

We will catch the President in some ultimate faux pax and bring him down!

Sadly, no. 
The President is here to stay. 
You cannot undo the will of the voters with clever maneuvering or verbal elegance. 
You reveal yourselves in this frenetic display of wishful thinking cum righteous indignation.  You think you can stir up a groundswell, provoke an earthquake with your adjectives--you are like that king of old who commanded the incoming tide to retreat. 
Recall those crimson fields of Trump signs riffling in the breeze from Pennsylvania to Ohio, to Michigan to Wisconsin.

As Mark Shields noted, you could have driven from Maine to California along interstate highways throughout the Rust Belt Mid West and on to the  Great Plains, over the great Rocky Mountains and never seen a break in Trump signs.

He won. 
We lost.
The banjo boys are now in charge. 

Let us now accept we cannot wish the ogre away--we must plan to deal with him. 


  1. Au contraire Mad Dog-there's not a chance the Ogre in the Oval Office is making it to 2020..Nope-he's got impeachment written all over him-he can't help himself. This isn't a matter of things being done to him-he's doing himself in-but you're probably right, his minions who voted for him may never accept his removal...oh well..

    I do agree there's a lot of comic relief watching his ineptitude, however the amusement fades as soon as one remembers this boob controls the largest nuclear arsenal on earth..Then we'll be left with that annoying, giant boy scout Pence...ugh..He's not much of a reprieve now is he...

  2. Miss Maud,
    When the bomb placed next to Hitler killed everyone in the room but only shredded Hitler's trousers, the Nazi faithful took it as a sign that God wanted Hitler to live and rule: Got Mitt Uns.
    But, if I understand history adequately, had Hitler died, his henchmen would have continued his murderous ways and more competent generals would have replaced him and possibly fought the Allies to a standstill and a negotiated peace.
    Had that happened, we would have never learned about the concentration camps, the breeding camps for Aryan babies, the plundering of European art and treasure. So keeping der Fuhrer in place guaranteed the ultimate demise of his movement and the exposure of its evils.
    We might be in a similar position with Mr. Trump.

    Mad Dog