Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Gotta Love a Winner: Reality Bites

Best thing to come out of Texas, apart from the city of Austin, has got to be Reality Leigh Winner.

Look at that name. You cannot make these things up. That is her actual, real name. A Winner who might just bring down the fake winner, the Donald, the pink puffy Goliath of self regard, The President of the United States.

So, with all the whining on CNN, with Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota  tying themselves into knots daily, trying to convince someone out there in TV land that it is a problem if the Russians wanted Trump elected and did what they could to bend American public opinion toward him, now you've got a smoking gun of a different variety:  Voting machine software!

Oh, yes! That's the ticket. If you could show votes for the Donald were actually manufactured, if you could show that software can generate votes, and we all know about Russians and software and hacking, then it's a short leap to the Russians hacked the vote tallies and Trump is an imposter.

And who should provide this news? None other than a 25 year old high school graduate from Texas who joined the Air Force and learned Pashtun (spoken in Afghanistan) and Farsi (spoken in Iran) and got hired to be a contractor for a company named "Pluribus" as in "E Pluribus Unum" and the Winner is:   America!

Of course, the acting non-recused Attorney General says this theft of classified information about the Russians hacking voting machine software is a threat to the national security and shakes the trust Americans have in their government.
Have to agree, it does shake one's faith in our government that our government knew about this and kept a cover over it.  Job security was what was threatened, not national security.

Reality for Congress! Reality for the Senate! Reality for President!
At the very least, she deserves an interview with Stephen Colbert.
Do not let Francis Underwood anywhere near this young lady, and most especially, do not allow this Reality anywhere near the Washington Metro where she could be thrown under the bus or train. I know, I know, that was a fictional thing; that was "House of Cards" but here's the thing--Reality is now better than fiction.
And fiction, as the Donald has taught us, is every bit as real as Reality.

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