Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sexual Depravity in Georgia: Police Gone Wild

Here's a great story from Georgia. One day before the end of school, as the students were getting ready for their senior prom, a group of local police arrived at school and groped the entire student body, so to speak, systematically, as described by the lawyer for the groped kids:
Georgia Sheriff Who Sent in His Boys to Fondle the Girls and Make Them Cry

“Deputies inserted fingers inside of and pulled up girls’ bras, touching and partially exposing their bare breasts; they touched girls’ underwear by placing hands inside their waistbands or reaching up their dresses; and they cupped or groped boys’ genitals,” the human rights center said in its statement.

The excuse for this mass groping was the police were--wait, let's let you guess:
1. Searching for terrorists
2. Acting out a scene from the movie "Crash"
3. High on marijuana, which is still illegal in Georgia
4. Looking for drugs.

The all purpose excuse for local police actions is #4, so I'd bet on that. But I think #2 might be closer to the truth, where a bunch of 20 something cops got to play out their sexual fantasies as they never had been able to in high school.
One thing you can say for this police department: it apparently is an equal opportunity employer, allowing homosexual police officers to play out their fantasies along side of the heterosexual police who were exploring the recesses of the females.

If this ever gets to the Supreme Court you can bet cases cited will be:
1. Florence v County of Burlington: In which a Black man was subjected to two rectal exams after being arrested, in error, over an outstanding warrant which turned out to be a computer error--the court found for the authorities, who, the Court said, were only protecting the jailers from the likelihood Mr. Florence might have a switchblade or grenade up his rectum which he might carry just in case of such a computer error.
2. Bong Hits for Jesus (Morse v Frederick) in which the Court held students, being minors and having no actual civil rights while they are subjects under the control of adult authority at school, can be treated as chattel and, as in the Dred Scott decision, being less than fully human, have no standing to sue in court.

But we are living in Trumpworld now, where anything done in the name of protecting the innocent against wanton aggression is fine, as long as the fingers belong to guys with badges.

You'all come on down. The peaches are fine. You can squeeze 'em.

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