Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The War Against White America

I was wondering when Donnie Snowflake would get back to fighting the war against White America.

Look at that Black guy. He took some white kid's place!

He did go to that Carrier Air Conditioner factory in Indiana to rescue those 800 jobs, and he did get about 500 coal miners jobs in a mine. So his war against unemployment is going well. And he keeps going to places where lots of white men show up for rallies, but really, where has he been when it comes to college admissions?

Well, now we know. He's got his good friend Jeff Sessions sending in Justice Department G men to probe and intimidate colleges about their admissions of Black, Hispanic, undocumented terrorists instead of  good White, Christian Americans.

Kris Kobach, protecting you against ethnic cleansing of Whites
He's soul mate out there in the great insane state of Kansas, Kris Kobach, has observed there is a war against White America going on, launched from over our Southern Border by dark skinned Mexicans who aim to carry out ethnic cleansing of all the White Americans. Louie Gohmert and Joe Arpaio can't hold back all those invading hordes by themselves.
I have to ask: If you were a marauding darked skin Hispanic from Latin America, would you go try to cleanse in the state of Kansas? Have you ever seen the movie "Infamous" based on Truman Capote's novel, "In Cold Blood"?  That place is just empty spaces and open fields--it makes Wichita Falls in "The Last Picture Show" look like Gay Paree. Kansas is just bleak. Why would you want to maraud in Kansas?

But back to the point: Donnie Diva has to ride to the rescue to save the White people.

If they need any advice on where to start, I'd send them to the Cornell University Medical College, now known as Weill Cornell, after Sandy Weill, a Wall Street robber baron gave them $150 million (which for him was lunch money) to get Cornell to name their medical school after him.
Even the bricks are white at Cornell

Cornell for decades was the bastion of white upper class men.  There were 90 students in each class, 4 women and 86 men. Most of these were selected because they were the sons or nephews of alumni, and that place was just as WASPy as you could get.  Jews were expressly forbidden.

But when Sandy Weill got rich enough, he decided it would be a good joke for him, a man of Jewish ancestry, to buy himself a medical school which formerly excluded people like him.  Jews not good enough for you blue bloods? Well, I'll just take control and see how superior you are then.
But then, sometime in the late Twentieth century, somebody at the school decided if they were going to owned by a Jew, they ought to go full Monty and just admit all sorts of non Christian, even non White people. Shoot the moon.
They even opened a branch in Qatar, which is somewhere in the Muslim Middle East.  Donnie Diva's got no use for Qatar,  even though we have a big military base there. Seems Saudi Arabia's got some grudge against Qatar and that's good enough for Donnie Dubious after the wonderful time he had in Saudi Arabia, where they really know how to throw a  party and they gave him a nifty sword and they know how to treat women in that country. They have still harems there, in case you were wondering. Which just goes to show not all the good ideas in the world come from America.

Anyway, to get back to the war on White America:  all those dark skinned students have displaced all the blondes and real Americans who wanted to go to Cornell medical school. They've had to find other places. 
My own son, who happens to be White and male had to settle for Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons.  As it turned out, he had a wonderful time there.  But he never even got an interview at Cornell, despite his astonishing MCAT score and his great grades and his wonderful recommendations. I called up some of my old friends at Cornell, who still fester in various departments, and was told, variously, "He's got into a way better school, across town," and "He's a bit too pale for current tastes at Cornell" and all like that.

Personally, I'd be okay with "blind" admissions to medical school, and to college. It might work like those auditions   at Lincoln Center, where they put up a curtain and you play your violin or cello behind the curtain and they chose you no matter what your color or your gender or your gender preference, based just on the sound you make.

But when you are talking about glittering prizes, like college and medical school admissions, they haven't yet figured out how to do the equivalent of the curtain thing.

"Qualified" in America hasn't meant "capable and good at the job you are seeking" but it means you have the right color, look, family background.

If that isn't a meritocracy, well then I don't know what is.

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