Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Therapy Dogs for Vets: How Trump Plays the Soft Headed Left

You expect people who embrace Judge Roy Moore, who cannot be shaken from their adulation of the Dotard to be unappetizing, and they rarely disappoint. You know there are people in the world like that.

What is really dismaying is when people who you agree with disappoint you, when their passion becomes mere, unthinking stridency, and you see the soft, spongey, crumbling side of the liberal persuasion.

For Mad Dog, this has come to pass over the great Therapy Dog kerfluffle. The forces of Trumpland discovered the VA had a program which brought loving dogs to Vets who had suffered PTSD.  Suddenly, one day, the people at the VA offices which administered this program were told to cease and desist and they were out of a job.

Of course, these people, now out of a job, went viral on the internet and ardent anti Trumpies saw this as what it was, a gesture of rejection of compassion. For the liberal folks, this was simply one more example of cruelty coming from the Bannon disrupters.

But, of course, the Trump tough guys touted it as an example of bleeding heart liberals not considering the hard facts of reality and gushing over a boondoggle of a program. Here is a Dotard who proclaimed the NFL is going soft because it has rules designed to prevent head injuries and Traumatic Brain Disorder; this puppy love story is perfect for him to look tough, hard headed and no nonsense while making the cooing dog loving liberal folks soft headed rather than soft hearted.

If you need a dog to love, let your mother buy you one; don't expect the Army to find you one.

There was an old saw at the cancer hospital: "More people make a living off cancer than die from it," which was likely inaccurate but it did convey the cynicism of those who saw that from every misfortune was a fortune waiting to be made that some would cash in on--war profiteers, whether the war on cancer or the war against terrorism.

Twitter filled with indignant expressions of loathing for the cold hearted curs who had cut off this program.  The commercial for a therapy dog program in Europe was posted.  The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation commissioned a commercial to sell its product which won a Gouden Loeki award in 2014--the Dutch version of our Clio awards which often go to American ad agencies for their Super Bowl ads.
The ad, linked below, is a tear jerker, but the very existence of the ad should tell us something. These folks are SELLING something and heart warming as puppies and wounded warrior stories may be, we have to step back and THINK.


The title of the ad is, "We provide help not only for those who cannot see, but for those who have seen too much."
And you see a horrible war scene and a soldier seeing things which will cause his PTSD and then the warm embrace of the dog licking his face, bringing him back to serenity and true mental health.

But think of this program, with its employees, its "trained therapy dog specialists" and their contracts, their new careers as "therapy dog trainers" and all this going on at a hospital like Walter Reed, where truly horrific injuries are treated by doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and into this atmosphere of highly trained, real professionals, you have introduced this "therapy dog" program.

Of course, Mad Dog sees people every day who have no more anxiety or real illness than your aunt Tillie but they have their little therapy dog with them, from whom they cannot be separated on airplane or doctor's office or subway, because the dog is their "therapy." It is the old lie of creating an illness out of mere anxiety, or in the case of the very real illness of PTSD, (which results in suicides and much misery,) it is the case of creating a treatment without scientific validation.

For those liberals who have been brought to tears, brought to rage over the cancellation of this program, Mad Dog can only say, "See how others see you. Get control. Move on. Focus on the real enemy."
Donald Trump has used things like this to make liberals look ridiculous time and again and he is doing it again and those gushing liberals are playing right into his hands.

Of course, Mad Dog has no way of knowing who initiated the cancellation of the Wound Warriors Dog Program, whether the Dotard even knew about it before it was done. But if the Pink Puffer Fish did sign off on it, you have to ask yourself: "Why?" Why would he cancel any program for our sacred Vets our Wounded Warriors? 
And you have to imagine him seeing before him those who would react to this. Possibly, there would be some veterans or families of veterans who might narrow their eyes and go, "Huh?" But surely there would be those moist eyed fools, who would play right into his hands.

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