Monday, February 19, 2018

Russian Trolls

Here's a little oddity to explain.
He's a chart of views of last week's blogs on Mad Dog:

United States
United Kingdom
So, do you really think Russians are just such fans of some rabid New Hampshire Democrat? 

Do you, as you look over last week's blogs, think there is much of interest to the average Russian?

Is Mad Dog a star in Russia?
Or does Russia have a lot of paid eyes looking at the American blogosphere?

Does that hurt the USA?
How could it hurt us?
Actual Intervention, American Style

"Russian meddling" means zilch to me. 
Everyone was trying to influence, intervene in and change our last Presidential election: Hillary, Democrats, Bernie, France, Germany, England, Ukraine, Israel, Syria. Everyone had skin in the game.

If the Russians put out fake news and a lunatic from Virginia jumped in his truck with his AK-15 and burst into a pizza pallor in Washington, DC, looking for the pedophile ring run by Hillary Clinton, because he believed the stuff he read on the internet, is that Russia's fault? 

Until and unless you can show me the Russians somehow got into the computers and changed votes or vote counts, and that Hillary actually won Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan, then I do not care how hard Russia tried to elect Trump.

They wanted the sanctions against Russia ended and so they tried to help the guy they thought would do that.
The Supreme Court says corporations can spend unlimited amounts trying to elect Senators and Congressmen they like. 
We muffle no voice here in the USA.
Not even Russian voices. 

Has the CIA not done more nefarious things than that routinely in other countries?
Playing the Game

I don't know. I'm just asking to be educated here.
The basic question is: Why should I care about what Russia did in 2016 to influence our election?


  1. Mad Dog,
    Responded to this and it appeared to have published, but now has will try once again...Basically my point was that I agreed with you that Putin was just being Putin and doing what he was there to do-protect Russian interests. We've frequently meddled in the operations of other countries, often covertly. One has to hand it to the Russians-their choice of tools is rather ingenious-Facebook etc..Divide and conquer using social media- the thing that plays an ever increasing role in our lives..Much like the moth you've described that devours it's prey from the inside out..

    This should concern us because mounting distrust of the government and each other weakens us-the aim of the Russian dirty tricks. If they continue and wind up tampering with the actual election results in November this will be a very negative development. Very. We don't need a foreign power's actions leaving more citizens questioning whether it's even worth it to vote..

    So why isn't Trump taking action against the Russians and instead mounts attacks against our team-the FBI, CIA etc.? I agree with Tom Friedman and many others who believe it's because Putin has something big on Trump. Something really big-and bad. Trump has never been known for his loyalty to anyone or anything throughout his life-yet he sure is loyal to Vladimir..There's more to this unwavering fealty than meets the eye...

  2. Ms. Maud,
    What could Putin have on Trump? You're right--Trump is only about Trump so his deference to Putin is suspicious, but what?
    New Yorker article on Edward Landsdale who orchestrated elections in the Philippines and then took his show on the road to attempt to Vietnam is just one of scores of examples where the CIA is thought/said/reported to have intervened in elections around the world--in South America, Asia, Africa.
    So the Russians are simply playing the same game.
    If Americans are stupid enough to be manipulated, they deserve to be manipulated, I would think.
    What is frustrating is to hear the constant refrain of "THE RUSSIA PROBE" from CNN and every liberal columnist--all clinging to the fantasy Trump's election will be reversed by some Deux Ex Machina, as Nixon's once was. But, hello? Trump has the House, the Senate and the Supreme Court.
    Dems have to win elections. That's the only way to defeat Trump and all those who sail with him.

  3. Mad Dog,
    To your question what does Putin have on Trump-conventional wisdom says it's probably incriminating evidence regarding money-Russia holds the keys to the Trump financial kingdom-and/or Putin has video evidence of Trump involved in some embarrassing sexual escapades ("Spank me! Spank me! I've been a bad Donald!!"..sorry, couldn't resist)...Both situations seem plausible..

  4. Ms. Maud,
    Did you see his C Pac eruption? Anything seems plausible. That man needs a head CT scan.
    Mad Dog

  5. Mad Dog,
    Did not see the whole speech, but enough excerpts to agree that a CT scan of the head is warranted. Then we'll have proof there's nothing inside besides a dozen doughnuts...