Friday, March 30, 2018

Democrats Can Learn: Stealing a Page/ Opposition Research

Republicans are masters at creating boogie men and running against them.
So Donald Trump continues to run against Crooked Hillary and President Obama.
Jim Jordan of Ohio runs against all those tax and spend Democrats who are coming to get your guns.
Kris Kobach of Kansas runs against all those Hispanic rapists, aka undocumented Mexicans flooding across the border taking jobs away from real Americans, white men.
And Louie Gohmert runs against all those godless dark skinned Hispanics who have slipped across the border to rape white Christian American women.

Democratic candidates ought to be fully equipped and rehearsed in using these guys as the very image of Republican politicians.
When someone speaks about reaching across the aisle and undoing "gridlock" my candidate will say that's a fantasy: You can't pet a hyena on the head and expect him to purr.

Next time we hear someone ask the candidate what he intends to do to work with Republicans to get things done, I'd like to hear:

"Well, I look forward to going down to Washington to face Jim Jordan of Ohio, who of course would much rather be working with Roy Moore, for whom he campaigned so ardently, than to face me across the aisle. No, I don't look to reach across the aisle to work with Jim. There's nothing to work with there. The guy still thinks he's on a wrestling mat somewhere--wears the closest thing to a wrestling singlet he can find on the floor of Congress, just so we won't forget. But you know, he's like a lot of tough guy Republican: He's all about placing AR 15's in the hands of teenagers but he's never had a bullet fired at him in anger."


"You talking about negotiating with the Republicans? Which Republicans are you talking about? Louie Gohmert of Texas who thinks the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting was the result of God being angry at our godless American society, who thinks Mexicans are all dark skinned rapists intent on sneaking into America? Who thinks God speaks directly to him and tells him a two cell zygote is a fully ensouled human being and anyone who hasn't received that word just doesn't have God's private cell phone number and is an accomplice to murder?"

And all like that.
Every time anyone suggests accommodation, we need a Winston Churchill type who is not about appeasement, but about fighting them on the beaches and in the fields.

Terrance O'Rourke, speaking of Trump's remark that some of the Charlottesville Neo Nazis were "fine people" remarked, "Even in this supremely divided, partisan nation, I would think there would be one thing Americans can agree on, and that is that Nazis are never 'fine people.' Nazis are bad people, period."

Now that was a well thrown punch.

We need a little repertoire like that which every Democrat candidate can recite, a patter, the way the Republicans have.

This is what Ray Buckley and every Democrat who is getting a check from the DNC should be working on: "Talking points." More than talking points, but shared jabs. "Fact is, General Motors is alive and Osma Bin Laden is dead." That was Biden. We need a few dozen ditties like that.

Until we have those nifty little punch lines, we'll never get through to Joe Sixpack, or for that matter to anyone else.

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