Thursday, March 1, 2018

Guns and Second Amendment Freaks: A Modest Proposal

Okay, here's a proposal for those guys who believe they need those AR-15, AK-47, 50 cal air cooled machine guns for when the spooky guys in blue helmets descend in the black helicopters and try to seize power for the new world order.

Let's organize some "well regulated militias" in every hamlet which wants them, put them on firing ranges, give them big guns, ammo etc and let them have at it.

Then, after playtime is over, they turn back in their weapons, which are locked up in the armory.  They each have a key to the armory, so they know they are special, but the keys to the gun room and the ammo are held by the militia officer.

So when the black helicopters appear overhead, the fire bell in the night, or the email alert goes out, all the volunteer firemen, militiamen, hop in their trucks and drive to the armory and the resistance is in place, the 21st century minutemen are ready to go.

Then nobody needs a friggin AK-47 over his mantle because it's right there in the militia building, along with all his friends who might actually form a real fighting unit, as opposed to a bunch of crazies running around the woods dressed in camo playing soldier like when they were kids.

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