Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Lambs to the Slaughter

There are the issues:  How do we approach the opioid crisis (which is not just one problem but several); guns (ditto--many problems wrapped in a single cloth); healthcare (again); income inequality; endless war; abortion (oh, God); immigration; globalization; climate change.

And then there is the personality: When Democrats face a strongman (or, really, a phony strongman) Trump and all his Lilliputian disciples and henchmen, how do you respond? With whom do you respond?

Much as we may be inspired by him, Gandhi would have been on a fast train to Auschwitz and never been heard of again, had he faced Hitler instead of the English crown and parliament.

England needed a tough guy to rally around, a Chruchill who could growl, belittle and inspire. 

He was a man for his time, but remember, the British electorate threw him out of office promptly after the war ended.

I'm not saying we can never look for another Obama, but really, how would even Obama be able to respond to Trumpism? In fact, is Trump not the inevitable reaction to the cool, informed, careful Obama?

We have 8 candidates for Congress for the New Hampshire first. 

Among them are some real prospects: Mad Dog counts three who he thinks could stand up against the thug Republicans, maybe four.

But when he talks, briefly, with his comrades in arms, he is confounded, confused and mystified by who they gravitate towards.

It is really apparent that Trump fans tend to fall into two or three easily defined categories:  the dull, the rich and the pathologically resentful. 

Democrats come toward selecting representatives from all sorts of angles: Is he kind to gays and transgenders? Does he embrace immigrants? Is he appalled by guns? Does he appreciate the importance of women's rights? And on and on. 

Every Democrat has his or her own burning issue and required personality profile for the candidate.

The only thing which unifies Democrats now is Not Trump.

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