Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beautiful People

It warms my heart to look at these two lovely ladies. I can just imagine living next door to them, seeing them in their kitchens, cooking cookies for the kids, getting the carpools organized and handing out treats on Holloween.

They just look so wholesome and, well, American, especially with the flags in the background.

But the really sweet looking one on the right voted to kill Medicare the first chance she got.

Yes, she had a son in uniform and she loves New Hampshire and the US of A, but she voted to kill Medicare.

And the lady on the left is in the unfortunate position of finding herself on the left of Rick Perry as well, which she is very angry about and she is working hard to never find herself to the left of anyone.

But Rick Perry is saying Soical Security is a Ponzi scheme and has to be killed.

Oh, well, Soical Security and Medicare are for the old folks, and that shouldn't bother me, not yet being 65.

But, the thing is, if my parents lose Medicare, they will wind up bankrupt the first time they need hospitalization and guess who they will move in with if that happens? For a while, I thought, well, at least I'd have somebody home to walk the dog, and their Social Security checks will help out with the grocery bills.

But, wait a minute, there will be no more Social Security checks.

The thing is, I have a picture of Rick Perry somewhere, and he looks just as nice as these other two Republicans.

They all look so nice. And they sound so nice.

But they do such awful things.

It's like, what can you depend on nowadays, if you can't depend on how folks look, whether they have a nice smile and nice kids?

It just hurts my brain, to have to think about it.

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