Monday, September 12, 2011

It's a Beautiful Life

Okay, you have to admit, these are beautiful people.
Well, mostly.
And they tell such a beautiful story, you could read your kids to sleep with it: There once was this wonderful, beautiful country, where even the poorest child could grow up to be a princess or a prince.
And all that child had to do was to work hard and play by the rules and think clean thoughts and it would all happen: You will be rich some day, and live in a beautiful house and drive a beautiful car and have a beautiful mate and have beautiful children.

But there's this bad monster called The Government, which tries to give away everything you earn to the undeserving thugs who won't work for a living, the welfare queens and immigrants and godless communists, socialists and atheists and other unwholesome types. And the bad Government, which has black helicopters and bad taxes, tries to take everything from the hard working boys and girls and give it to the lazy, shiftless, unworthy, undeserving poor.

And you can tell these people who tell such stories are good people who would never tell a lie because they are so pretty and believable and they sound so nice.

And they say Social Security is just a big Ponzi scheme and they will kill it with their wonderful clean swift swords of righteousness. And they will kill Medicare too, already tried and voted for the law which would have done it, but the bad Democrats in the Senate stopped them.

And they say the most important job in the world right now is not to provide health care, or to get people jobs, or to help people who are poor and want to work to catch a break, or to protect the rivers and lakes from pollution.

No. The most important job is to prevent the re election of President Barack Obama, who has a nasty foreign sounding name. His middle name is Hussein, you know. And he wasn't even born in America. And he didn't want to wear the American flag lapel pin because he really doesn't love this great country the way you and I do.

But just remember, and keep believing this: You're not going to be poor for long. The Republican Party will see to that.

Why over the eight years they had the White House and the Congress, they made the rich so rich that the top 1% of the richest people in the country now own 40% of all the wealth of this country and they are never going to give that up as long as the good Republicans have any thing to say about it.

It's just so beautiful.

And when you die, you might be reborn into a rich family and then you'll be glad you voted for these nice, pretty people.

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