Friday, September 16, 2011

John Boehner: A Herbert Hoover for the 21st Century

Speaking to the Economic Club of Washington, DC Speaker John Boehner sounded for all the world like Rush Limbaugh channeling Herbert Hoover.

First, there was the frank acknowledgment our economy is in trouble.

Then, as Limbaugh and all Republicans are so adept at doing, there is the demonization, the creation of the villain and the bogeyman.

Can you guess who is at fault for our economic woes?

Is it those wild, unregulated Wall Street types, who, out from under any kind of government regulation or scrutiny, sold stocks which were essentially mortgage boondogles, which in turn had been created by even more unscrupulous miscreants who bamboozled ignoramuses into mortgages they had no hope of paying? No.

Is it the Republican Congressmen and Senators who have voted the very rich such enormous tax breaks that billionaire pay less income tax than their secretaries? No.

Is it the European Union which had its economy poisoned by the same stockbrokers and mortgage men who poisoned the US economy? Of course not.

No, it's the GOVERNMENT.

It is most certainly, Mr. Boehner hastens to add, not the innocent, hard working American people (whom the Republicans love and who should love the Repbublicans) or those "job creators," (who the Repbulicans really love) the captains of industry, who would hire lots of people and create jobs if only they were not so terrified of those GOVERNMENT regulators!

"Micromanaging, meddling, manipulating" government bureaucrats (and who doesn't hate bureaucrats?) are getting all up in the faces of God fearing good rich job creators.

The perfect example, Mr. Boehner cites, is Boeing aircraft, which got tired of having to pay a living wage to its union employees in the state of Washington, so they opened a plant in South Carolina, where they don't believe in no commie labor unions, and the federal government, those meddling bureaucrats, had the temerity to charge Boeing with attempted union busting.

Why nothing could have been further from the minds of those Boeing job creators!

It's just that Boeing executives looked around the world and decided making airplanes overseas might not be such good press right now, and so they found the closest thing to Hong Kong they could find right there in South Carolina, where people are so uneducated and desperate and Republican it would never enter their minds to form a union. Why, in South Carolina, they don't even know how to spell UNION. Union has been a dirty word in South Carolina since they fired on Fort Sumter.

Boeing did of course consider Arizona, where they have the Maricopa County re incarnation of the Gestapo hunting down all those illegal immigrants who want to work. And of course, Texas was in the running because in Texas they execute all the troublemakers at such a rate you can hardly keep track. But South Carolina will do just fine, for the job creators, the non union kind of jobs Boeing loves to create.

Mr. Boehner knows the government cannot create jobs: "I can tell you the American people--private sector in particular--are rattled by what this town has done over the last few years."

And what has Washington, DC done? Close to nothing, except argue about the debt ceiling.

Just before the Great Depression, Herbert Hoover sounded the same warnings: "Bureaucracy is ever desirous of spreading its influence and its power. You cannot extend the mastery of the government over the daily working life of a people without at the same time making it the master of people's souls and thoughts."

John Boehner and Rush Limbaugh have been channeling Hoover ever since.

"No country can squander itself into prosperity on the ruin of its taxpayers," Hoover told us.

So, Hoover sat on his hands, refusing to interject the government into anything, while the country slid into Depression with 25% unemployment, bread lines, massive internal migrations, until enough people were starving and desperate enough to finally understand what horse manure this Republican line amounted to.

They voted in Franklin Delano Roosevelt, FDR, who said simply, the federal government has to do something when the private sector fails. So he introduced the NRA (National Recovery Act) and a whole alphabet soup of federal government programs, which created "make work jobs," putting people to work building bridges and roads, painting murals, most of which still survive to this day.

The Boehners and Limbaughs of his day all cried this was the end of America, and they were especially outraged over Social Security and they have been trying to kill Social Security and what was left of the New Deal, and trying to kill labor unions and trying to redistribute the wealth from the middle class to the wealthy (with great success) and trying to convince the slow witted American public, ever since, the real villains are those big government, tax and spend, death tax liberal pinko Democrats.

And you have to think of that last scene in Animal Farm, where you look around the room, and you cannot tell the pigs from the rich people who have enough money to control all the animals in the country.

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