Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tea Party Makes Shocking Discovery!

These Guys are Crazy, Ted! They Just Won't Negotiate!

Obamacare Websites in New York City Stagger  As 2 million Hits Flood Website at 9 AM Monday, October 1: NY Times

All the polls indicate overwhelming public disapproval of Obamacare--now all those disgruntled customers are breaking down the doors to buy into the insurance programs they are supposed to hate, like some Black Friday sale.

Must be all those  2 million deathly ill citizens with pre existing conditions who are so desperate for health insurance. Obama is forcing the insurers to cover these deadbeats.
                  --Fox News 

They're all the takers, trying to sign up.
                    --Mitt Romney

Health Insurance is the opiate of the masses.  They'll be sorry.
                     --Ted Cruz

This is the next worse thing to Medicare. Americans will grow to love it and they'll grow soft.
                     --Rand Paul

I know nobody in the state of Virginia will be foolish enough to want health insurance, when they can pick cotton.
                   --Eric Cantor

This is an abomination forced down the throats of those two million people.
                  --John Boehner

This is the end of the free market society, which reached its purest form in late 20th century America. All gone now. We're a second rate civilization.
                 --Newt Gingrich

New Yorkers aren't real Americans, anyway.
                 --Mitch McConnell

Ain't nobody dumb enough to call no health insurance exchange down here in South Carolina.
                --Lindsay Graham 

Maybe we're on to something...
                    --President Obama


  1. Mad Dog,
    What could those millions of misguided fools be doing,clamoring to be first in line to get health insurance. Thank God for the infinite wisdom of Ted, Rand, Mitch and the gang, those omnipotent Warriors of the Right and their never ending quest to save us from ourselves. Brilliant of them to know that, when it comes to health insurance, when we say yes- we really mean no...

    P.S. Excellent cartoon!

  2. Maud,

    I suppose that's better than when these guys were teenagers and they took a No to mean Yes, if you know what I mean.

    Mad Dog

  3. I have been grievously misquoted. What I said was, "Nobody in the great state of Virginia would be foolish enough to want health insurance when they could be making cigarettes in one of our great Richmond factories." Get your facts straight, Mad Dog.

    --Eric Cantor, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC

  4. I, too, have been misquoted. What I said was, Health Insurance is like green eggs and ham: It's an addiction. It's the omelette of the masses.
    Sounds like you were quoting Karl Marx, not me, which of course, I wouldn't put past you, pinko, Commie, anti free market stooge that you are.

    --Texas Ted Cruz, United States Senate, Washington, DC & Waco, Texas