Friday, October 11, 2013

Susan Karpatkin: Let the Hoi Polloi Speak

All Mad Dog knows about Susan Karpatkin of Bethesda, Maryland is what he could find by googling her, but her letter to the New York Times came as breath of fresh air amid all the hot air and flatus emanting from the Washington, DC area:
Susan Karpatkin, Chair, Math Dept, National Cathedral School

"I am one Democrat who would be happy to negotiate with the Republicans in Congress. The Republicans have stated their opening position for negotiation. They are ready to reopen the government if we defund the Affordable Care Act. Here is mine.
  I am ready to reopen the government if we add a public option to the Affordable Care Act. And while we are negotiating, I also demand a raise in the minimum wage to $15 an hour, a law that restricts chief executives and other managers to no more than 100 times the wage of the lowest-paid person in their company receives, public financing of campaigns and longer hours at polling places. "

Mad Dog would like Ms. Karpatkin negotiating for him. She may be the daughter of a famous ACLU lawyer, or maybe not. She is a product of Oberlin, and she teaches math at the National Cathedral School, a very exclusive private school in Washington, D.C. She is married to an Arnold and Porter lawyer. So she has been admitted to the upper reaches of privilege, sees the upper 1% and their offspring daily, but she has not been seduced by it.   Whatever her background, she can see the truth and state it boldly.

Other fine letters from Joshua Hill of New London, Connecticut, Michael Kraft of Silver Spring, Maryland, David Maynard of Portland, Oregon appear, all from unsung citizens, living their un-famous lives across the country, all of whom make far more sense than a single Republican Congressman.

Cowards Cut and Run. Real leaders never do. That is what you said, isn't it, Dick?
But good sense has rarely prevailed in our public life.  Mad Dog remembers the days when George W. Bush decided to put American boots on the ground in Iraq. Mad Dog thought, "All he is doing is providing a more accessible target for those mad dogs in Baghdad, so they won't have to come over here and blow up targets in New York City."  That sentiment was reflected in the un-famous cartoon of the time (above.)

These truths are evident to the viewers at home.  Just as we could once see for ourselves the truth about our war against Communist aggression in Vietnam, every night when we watched Walter Cronkite, we can now see the truth about the Tea Party Rats' Nest in Washington.

Not that it seems to affect those in power in Washington, but it is a comfort.


  1. Mad Dog,
    Agreed-there is so much wisdom and good sense in the hinterlands-certainly a sharp contrast to the idiocy on display in Washington. The whole GOP has jumped down the well but at least the Republicans in the Senate know they need to negotiate in order to get out. As for the rabid zealots in the House- it seems they're still not in negotiating mode, but at least the public seems to recognize crazy and unreasonable this time when they see it....

    That is a fantastic, un-famous cartoon. Not only is the drawing really great-Bush and Cheney's faces are perfect-so is your depiction of several ideas in one illustration..very impressive Mad Dog..

  2. Maud,

    I do like that cartoon.
    Remember "Lincoln," the movie? Think of what the Radical Republicans were all about in 1864: Voting to abolish slavery.
    Think of what Radical Republicans means today.
    To quote the Bunk (from "The Wire") "It makes me sad, to think how far we have fallen."
    Or, Mephistopheles, Dr. Faustus, "No greater Hell than remembering happier times."

    Mad Dog