Thursday, July 10, 2014

John Boehner and the Ultimate Con

"This is a problem of the President's own making," the Ohio Republican thundered on Thursday. "He's been President for five and a half years! When is he going to take responsibility for something?"

Another Republican, hearing the President had declined to travel to the border for a photo op, looking sternly South, accused the President of not caring about this problem, as evidenced by his refusal to see the problem "first hand." The President replied, cooly as always: "This is not about theater. This is about real people."

Well, folks, you heard it here first:  Almost 60,000 children have managed to sneak across the border and present themselves, like so many foundlings, from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua and points south,  and now we know whose fault it is.

It's not that thousands of parents have decided the terror of living in these places is so bad whatever risks their children face trying to get into the United States are worth the near certainty of a short, brutish life at home. It's not that the Republican Congress has refused to act on any sort of immigration plan. It's not that the Republicans have refused to fund judges and all the government nuts and bolts required to process this tidal wave. It's not that, like the rich European countries which have attracted similar tidal waves of immigration, the USA, being rich,  has discovered it is a magnet for poor neighbors. 

It's not that the Republicans, having told us time and again we do not need government and having set to the task of if not dismantling government, at least paralyzing it; it's not that Mr. Boehner and his Republican cronies bear any responsibility.  Oh, no. They have always known exactly how to deal with immigration, but nobody in the Democratic White House would listen! Now, what was it, exactly, they proposed doing about all these illegals crossing the border?

Ever notice how people often criticize in others what they secretly know they are guilty of themselves? Oh, the President. He refuses to take responsibility for anything! We know all about people who hide from their responsibilities. 

It's all Obama's fault. And likely it's Obamacare, the lure of free medical care, drawing all those children north,  like flies to honey.

Why can Obama simply not admit his culpability?

He should have done what I told him to do: Call out the National Guard! That would've fixed the problem. Built a great wall,  like the Chinese once did. Build one straight across the southern border and sink steel plates down half a mile so they can't tunnel under it and put up drones to hover over it and string nets out along our entire seacoast, so they can't come in by boat. 

And cut taxes to pay for it. And do not even think of paying for contraceptives. Oh, sorry, that's another rant.

Or, maybe, we could build big camps and put all those kids in them. Put them down at Guantanamo! Don't ask us what to do about it. It's the President's responsibility! He should know! He's President!

And why does he just not admit what a complete failure he has been as President and resign?

And if we say this often enough, and if the Koch brothers give us enough money to buy enough air time to repeat this often enough, why then, eventually, it will be like, conventional wisdom. "Everybody knows" it's true.

Why hasn't anybody said, "Mr. Boehner, have you, at long last, no shame?"

Well, Boehner knows all about that warm medium--just look aggrieved and nobody listens to the cool, reasoned response from the President; they just respond to the emotion.

But,  even given the Republicans' mastery of the airways, have we not, at long last, reached the point where we can see through all this bluster,  to the truth? 


  1. Mad Dog,
    Yes, of course it's the President's fault that Central American children, from Honduras in particular, are flocking to the US. Honduras has the highest homicide rate in the world-by a wide margin-and the President has been a long time supporter of homicide, as well as a champion of gang violence, a key factor in the high homicide rates. This coupled with that infamous work of Satan, Obamacare, which is sending out a clarion call to refugees around the globe, is the direct reason for all our immigration problems. Praise the Lord we have Boehner calling to sue Obama and Palin looking to impeach him, because if the President was removed from the scene not only immigration issues, but all our problems would immediately and completely evaporate. I think you have presented some good ideas Mad Dog and serious consideration should be given to a Great Wall of Texas....

  2. Maud,

    Of course, had he only gone to the border and looked across as John Cornyne, the Republican US Senator, and Rick Perry, the Republican governor had urged, the whole problem would have been solved.

    Remember President, Saint Ronald Reagan going to the Berlin Wall and saying, "Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall" and Lo and behold! Just months to years later, the wall came tumbling down, as if Joshua had blown his horn and the walls came tumbling down. Now why can't Mr. Obama do that?
    Because he was born on Mars and raised in Kenya and Hawaii and Indonesia and nothing good can ever come from those places.

    Mad Dog