Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Scott Brown Defends Our Borders

Adam, Kwasman, Fine Upstanding Republican Defender of our Border

 Scott Brown has joined hands with Adam Kwasman, that crusading Republican candidate for Congress (with the license plate LMTDGOV) who confronted a school bus full of children rumored to be pulling into the Arizona town of Oracle (great name for this story) headed for a youth home refuge. Kwasman was there with other adult patriots, determined to turn back that bus. And this he did, and he saw "fear in their eyes," which, he implied, would motivate them to run screaming back across the border to tell all their friends not to come to America.

Scott Brown's new state also has an international border (with Canada, near Pittsburg, New Hampshire) and he is equally determined to show any kids contemplating jumping the gate what's right.  He has a new ad out, blaming those kids on President Obama and his nefarious sidekick, Jeanne Shaheen, who practically invited all those kids to come stay up here.

Standing before a TSA security line at the airport,  former (and future) Senator Brown jerks a thumb over his shoulder at all those Americans wending their tedious way through the security check point, saying that real Americans have to wait in line for security's sake every day, 

"But folks who come here illegally, they just walk across the border. That's just wrong."

Then, once he's got us nodding in agreement, he launches into the next step:

“Thanks to the pro-amnesty policies of President Obama and Sen. Shaheen, we have an immigration crisis on our hands.We respond with compassion, but it’s time for us to secure the border once and for all.”

Which left Mad Dog wondering, just how do we "secure the border, once and for all?"

Mad Dog knows that President Obama knows exactly how to secure the border once and for all--he just doesn't want to do it. And he knows Scott Brown knows how to secure the border once and for all, but he's not telling, because, well,  you can't run a campaign without a tantalizing secret.

Richard Nixon once told voters he had a "secret plan" to end the war in Viet Nam, but he wasn't telling until after the election.  Turned out, it was evacuation of all American troops, which was something we did not need any cooperation from anybody other than the American military to accomplish. Remember that scene of the helicopter on the roof of the American embassy?  

But this secure the border Final Solution thing could not be evacuation of all American troops--the National Guard just only got there. 

So what do you do with people who simply refuse to leave?  Well, you need a Final Solution. A once and for all thing. 

Thing about final solutions is, they are rarely final and most usually, no solution at all.
Funny: Our kids look a lot like their kids

Which brings me back to that school bus:  They weren't illegal immigrants. They just looked Hispanic. They were American kids trying to find their YMCA.  That is YMCA, as in young men's CHRISTIAN association. You remember...the One who told us to take the shirt off our back and give it to our brother, and all like that. But that was a different time and a different place. 

Scott Brown really does look sharp, though, doesn't he? He was Cosmopolitan's Sexiest Man Alive once. Did you know that?

What happened to his barn coat? 

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