Friday, January 23, 2015

Lessons from Arachnids

Female Coin Spider: Many Suitors

Male: The Ultimate in Self Abuse

Yep, And I won both those elections. Eat Your Hearts Out

Mad Dog and his sons are addicted to nature shows, but the lessons learned there can be disturbing or dangerous.
After watching the spider wasp devour its host spider from the inside, leaving only a husk as it departs, Mad Dog's older son remarked, "This proves there is no God."
To which his brother replied, "Well, at least not a benign, forgiving God. Maybe an Old Testament God is still possible."

Now we have the coin spiders.

Female coin spiders may be impregnated by several males, but males mate only with one female.The male mates only once, because in the process he loses his male reproductive organs, some parts of which remain embedded in the female, and the remaining parts, he chews off himself.

This is a behavior familiar to any observer of Democratic candidate behavior. It turns out, Democratic candidates have been emulating, either consciously or unconsciously, the mating habits of the coin spiders for years now.  Eating their own testes. Any Democratic candidate can feature that. 

Mr. Obama finally displayed some testosterone driven behavior last Tuesday, and departed the stage at the Capitol Building fully intact.  but the Republicans responded, significantly, with Ms. Ernst, who has a long history of scissors wielding effectiveness at removing dangling appendages.  The brilliance of the Republicans in coalescing around Ms. Ernst's theme of scissor driven management of Democrats is remarkable.

The one Democrat who seems to be unfazed by Republican tools of appendage paring is Elizabeth Warren. Which just goes to show...I'm not sure, actually. Nothing good, probably. I do like Ms. Warren, however.

I  also know once Ms. Maud gets certified, I will be looking over my shoulder in Hampton. 
Gas Prices At Hampton Hess: Thank Anyone but Obama

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  1. Oh relax Mad Dog--Democrats would never be my targets...