Thursday, July 13, 2017

Donald Dubious

All right, I admit it. 
I'm violating my own rule--I exhorted the press to not take the bait, to try to go 24 hours without mentioning the 45th. And now, here I am, already breaking down. But from now, it will be three days before I mention him again. Promise.

Pia g\Guerra

But I think I may be closing in on a proper name.

Consider the definition, one of the definitions, of the word:

  1. 1.
    hesitating or doubting.
    "Alex looked dubious, but complied"


  2. 2.
    not to be relied upon; suspect.
    "extremely dubious assumptions"


And, so, going with the second meaning, of doubtful reliability, I think, for now, it has to be Donald Dubious. 

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