Friday, July 28, 2017

Finding Our Herblock: Pia Guerra

At the depths of the McCarthy era, when Tail Gunner Joe was terrifying every liberal with a past, when anything he said was inhaled by millions of Americans as received truth, when lies became the norm, a wonderful cartoonist, an accomplished artist at the Washington Post began drawing McCarthy, always with a dark five o'clock shadow looking unappetizing and scurrilous.

And people took heart, came out of the their crouch and began to stand up.

Sadly, Herblock is gone, dead and gone, but there is a spiritual heir, Pia Guerra, who has captured the essence of today's man of the hour, Donnie Diva, the drama queen, who sees dark threats everywhere, from which he must rescue us.

She sees him as infantile, as we all do, the great amplifier.

She sees him for what he is and for what he is not.

And she sees the damage done.

We need to see more of her, and less of him.


  1. While we wait, we can take some pleasure in Watching D...bag Donald screw over those who supported him early on - Sessons, Priebus, Spicer, Flynn (three fired, one still hanging on under fire). It won't be long before those uninformed voters who put him in office begin to feel the impact of his poorly thought out policies. While we should feel sorry for them, I think the only way they will learn is to suffer - warning them (trying to educate) does not seem to work. Too bad it has come to this. On the other hand, if America survives these clowns, it will prove we are the greatest Democracy of all time. Save those Make America Great Again hats - we are sure going to need them when we finally get these clowns out of office!!

  2. Anon,
    He does have a unifying effect, and he does tend to focus the mind--you must admit.
    Mad Dog

  3. And, only two days later, Scaramucci is gone!! Too loyal, too loud - another one down the tubes (Thank you Jesus!!).

  4. At times like this, I always ask myself: Who would Jesus shoot?

    Mad Dog