Sunday, July 16, 2017

Meltdown of Our Effete Friends

This morning NPR ran a long segment about Donald Trump, Jr. meeting with Russians during the election. A clip of someone calling this "Treason," was played. Other nasty words like "collusion" and "nefarious" floated by.

Finally, one pundit remarked, "No matter how badly we want there to be a crime here, or something very wrong, that doesn't mean there was a crime."

Ah, finally, someone said it.

This obsession with finding that smoking gun, well actually, with finding the bullet riddled body, is actually harmful.

I am ready to stop listening. It's just too painful to hear (and on TV, to watch) people I had formerly respected (Judy Woodruff, Mark Shields) or been entertained by (Chris Cuomo, Alisyn Camerota, Mika Brzesinski, Rachel Madow) transformed into ninnies. 

Of course, it's much easier and much more fun going after the one guy.
Not going to happen. Move on. Grow up. Think about 2020.Pia

The real problem is they lead with these stories and they never get to the real stories:  DEA agents hanging out at courthouses rounding up undocumented immigrants who have lived in this country harmlessly for decades, some of whom are from Ireland, for Pete's sake. I guess you can say, at least they are consistent and you can't accuse them of racism, if they are sending a white Irish guy back.
Pia Guerra

But, and here's the real problem: there are stories not being told about EPA regulations meant to protect against air pollution, river and ocean pollution being cancelled.

There are stories not being reported about the Koch brothers trying to kill the solar industry with the help of the Department of Energy. Ditto for wind power.

There are stories never surfacing about the deployment of thousands more American soldiers to Afghanistan.

These stories, which will never lead to impeachment, are the real stories.  

Memo to outraged news people:  None of you will ever be Woodward and Bernstein--and, truth be told, neither were Woodward and Bernstein.  Nothing is going to happen that easily.

You have to show the real outcomes of the players in place who are tasked with dismantling the EPA, the Department of Education, Housing and Urban Development, Medicaid, the National Parks, renewable energy projects. Those are the real stories.

Oh, this is so pitiful to watch: We've got villains to fight. But our guys, the guys in the white hats, are just so pathetic. 
Where are the superheroes from the left?


  1. Mad Dog,
    It would appear the superheroes from the left are currently holed up in a "galaxy far, far away" awaiting I'm not sure what...As for the wall to wall Trump coverage, agreed-he's just easier and more importantly, cheaper, to cover. "Journalists" can sit at their desk and announce today the idiot "did blah,blah,blah " and then feature a panel of fellow wind bags adding their two cents( which is actually being overly generous as to their value). A strategy significantly less expensive then reporting adequately on any of the topics you've mentioned above. Reporting on Trump is like covering the weather-the standard, simple way to fill screen time on a limited budget...

  2. Ms Maud,
    I am now reading the WSJ, watching Fox News.
    Any port in a storm.
    Mad Dog