Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Apocalyptic Style of the American Right

Did you know that Hillary Clinton murdered Vince Foster on the Virginia bank of the Potomac river?
that the moon landing and the Sandy Hook shootings were staged by the United States government?

that the Holocaust was staged, that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job, staged by the federal government, that Barack Obama was born in Kenya to extraterrestrials?

 that Timothy McVeigh was framed for the Oklahoma City bombings, that fetal tissues from abortions are sold on the open market in China where they are a great delicacy in Manchurian restaurants?

that Rick Perry is a child rapist, that global climate change is a Chinese plot, that Hillary's various plots to profit from a child porn ring are well documented in those emails she destroyed?

that Barack Obama wants Black boys and White girls to shower together every day in public school locker rooms?             

 that Bernie Sanders wants to take away your guns? 

that ISIS is plotting to load up a huge wooden horse with terrorist soldiers which the Democrats will drag into downtown Omaha, unleashing a YUGE attack on America from within?

that Mexican Muslims are massing on the Rio Grande, poised to sweep across the border and take control of Texas and Arizona--they'll leave their comrades in New Mexico alone--where they will wage war on Christmas and begin a reign of ethnic cleansing across America, targeting White Christians? Oh, and that includes the rape of White women, who those dark skinned men just lust after?

Did you know there is a world conspiracy to subjugate freedom loving people to a world government which will arrive on black helicopters bearing soldiers wearing blue helmets and determined to deprive freedom loving people everywhere of their guns and their religion?

Well, if you didn't know that, then you have not been watching Fox News, listening to Rush and Newt and Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and you are an ignorant twit.

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