Friday, July 28, 2017

The Next Act

So three Republican Senators finally figure out what voting for the Republican pout would do to the country:  Alaska's Mirkowski knows what it would do to her state which as been sucking on the government teat since it was born; Susan Collins has enough neurons rubbing together to know destruction of a hamstrung system is still worse than no system at all and John McCain may have come to Jesus when he had to face the fact that health care is important to actual human beings.

That did not stop the Senators from West Virginia or from Kentucky or from South Carolina voting for the assassination of the ACA, but to paraphrase Lincoln, you can count on some Republicans to be deplorable all the time, and you know some will be deplorable some of the time, but you can't count on all the Republicans being deplorable all the time.

Of course, Donnie Dubious tweeted that Collins, Mirkowski and McCain let the country down, which once again displays his uncanny ability to hone the big lie--these were the three who did the very opposite, who saved the country from driving right off the cliff, but in Snowflake speak, that translates into they acted against the best interests of their country.

And then Dubious ate breakfast, and forgot all about it and tweeted:

Departing for Long Island now. An area under siege from gang members. We will not rest until is eradicated.

Say what?
Oh, right in the best Apocalyptic absurdity Republican mode, the conspiracy train moves on.  The new most threatening host is not the Syrian hordes or the North Koreans or the Iranians but the gang members of MS#13.

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