Monday, September 25, 2017

Nothing New Here

Today a woman told me, "I can't get my insurance to pay for my husband's medications and they're giving away methadone free to drug addicts!"

She was more than resentful. She was spitting mad.

I said, "Well, maybe you should go ask for some methadone."

Her husband's last full time job was drIving a truck from their home in Essex County, Massachusetts, to Wolfboro, New Hamsphire, where he picked up bottled water to bring back to a distribution plant in Massachusetts. But he required insulin for his diabetes and that meant he could not qualify for a commercial driver's license, because the government regulators didn't want him driving off the mountain road or Route 95 in a hypoglycemic swoon.
That was their complaint about the government then.

Now, it is methadone for undeserving drug addicts.

After thirty years, renting a house, the landlord decided he could make more money by refurbishing it and raising the rent. That was a bitter ending. There is no government run rent control, no government regulation to prevent that in Essex County.

Now he drives a van, delivering car parts to dealer ships locally, but he only gets three days of work weekly.

Life is spiraling down hill for this couple in their late 60's.

They got married out of high school and he has been able to cobble together enough money to get by but now they see their options drying up. He's never done anything wrong, far as he can tell. He went to work after high school. Never looked to get trained for higher paying jobs. Never had much ambition. But that's no crime, is it?
They were satisfied to rent a house for 30 years but then they discovered why people buy houses, when they got kicked out. They are not angry at the government for not providing for a health care system; they are angry about the government providing free health care for some no good, undeserving addicts.

I didn't ask, but I'm betting they voted to make America great again.
They are still waiting.

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