Saturday, September 30, 2017

Swamp Boy Strikes Again.

Swamp boy says the mayor of Puerto Rico is disrespecting him, but the problem really is the Puerto Ricans won't help themselves. 

Their electric grid is third world and they aren't real Americans. All they do is vote and serve in the military.

Some of them don't even respect the flag.

If the Dotard had a golf course down there, he'd have crews out there cleaning up right now.

There'd be so much winning.

And, oh yes, he hasn't forgotten how to fire people. 
Tom Price, who says he has always put the public first, who cares more about patients and other people than he cares about his own comfort was pushed out for flying in Gulf Stream luxury jets at taxpayer expense, $400,000 worth.

Got to give the Dotard credit, he acted fast. 

Betsy DeVos flies her own private airplanes. She is in no danger. She's going to make public schools private. Now that's real initiative. So much winning!

Swamp boy wants to play quarterback for the Redskins this Sunday. There'll be so much winning, Redskins fans will get bored.

But that name. Really a failing franchise name. New name:  Rednecks. Go with a winner. 
Hail to the Rednecks. 
Hail Victory.
Drain that old Swamp!
Fight for old D.C!
Run or pass and score. 
Return to burning coal once more!
Beat 'em Swamp 'em.
Touchdown! Let the points soar!
Hail to the Rednecks
Hail Victory.
Klan on the Rise Now!
Fight for Fantasy!

Here's an alternative fight song, from Randy Newman:

I feel so much better.


  1. Actually, Trump had a golf course in Puerto Rico but it ultimately went bankrupt (not an unheard of event with Trump properties). He is a LOSER!!

  2. Anon,
    I had an idea, mowing the lawn and changed the name of the team.
    Click that link to Randay Newman for the alternative fight song. One of my favorites and so much of our time--even though it was written 40 years ago.
    Mad Dog

  3. "warmest condolences" - our LOSER President has reached a new LOW!