Friday, September 15, 2017

The Case for a Post Menopausal President

Americans have typically gone for one or the other of two types of leaders in their Presidents:  The libidinous, hormone driven, charismatic guy --John Kennedy, Teddy Roosevelt, even Franklin Roosevelt--who can charge up an audience, get his team roaring and charging out on the field, and maybe even lead them there or the guy whose been there, done that, and now is slowing down, testosterone levels falling, but who has seen it all before and is not too surprised or shocked by much--Eisenhower, Coolidge (about whom, when Dorothy Parker was told he had died, she asked, "How can they tell?")

So we went from Barack Obama, who visibly restrained all his lean, male althleticism and played the role of the good father, loyal husband, the Ozzie of Ozzie and Harriet, the Father Knows Best, sort of asexual, boring, reliable, dependable type and we went to Mr. Penis Erectus, volatile, fun, blustering, charging here and there, to and fro, tweeting Mr. Sweeney Erect.

It's hard to run against that bad boy type.  You need another bad boy.  Maybe Bernie Sanders is the best answer because he combines energy with white hair, but the Republicans will go after him as a grumpy old man and they may succeed.

It would be nice to find a guy or a woman, who combines lancinating wit, hard punching rhetoric with a sort of restraint borne of power.  if you are physically imposing enough, you do not need to be as voluble. 
It is well war is so terrible or we'd grow to love it too much.

So we need someone who maybe played professional football and then got his law degree, or better yet, an engineering degree and who still looks dangerous.  Sort of like the Jimmy Smitts character in "West Wing."  Maybe a combat veteran, but not physically broken like John McCain. Someone whose virility you don't question, but who has been there done that and now wants to avoid all that foolishness and is not about to react to Kim Jung Whoever with more than a disdainful glance.
"War is not popularity seeking."

He ought to be able to take on the stupidity of Lindsay Graham head on: "Oh, so now Senator Graham is telling us we don't want some government bureaucrat in Washington, DC getting between us and our doctor in the exam room. Oh, horrors!  Of course, Senator Graham does not mind at all if the billionaire CEO of the private insurance company gets between you and your doctor--that's just fine with Senator Graham.  As long as free enterprise is cooking, it's all fine with Senator Graham. As long as the insurance company gets it's pockets filled, as long as Senator Graham gets his election fund filled with insurance company money, that CEO can glove and gown in the operating room."

And all like that.

I'm looking around but I haven't seen that ideal Democratic leader. 

All we've got is the Chuck and Nancy show. I'm sure the Republicans thank God every day for that.

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