Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Marc Short & The White House Frat Boy Style: Going all Bernie Sandinista

Marc Short, Trump's White House Director of legislative affairs, was on the PBS News Hour tonight smirking like Martin Shkreli.

The PBS News Hour is hosted now by a set of journalists who seem to live every moment in terror that something they may say or show on air might damage the delicate sensibilities of any viewer out there in TV land, as if their imagined audience is a vast community of pre pubescent children who have been raised by nuns.

Today it was not Judy Woodruff doing the interview with Short, for which Mad Dog was grateful.  Woodruff is a lovely person, but she is just so solicitous and her voice often drops into a deep pond of empathy, where the frogs apologize to the lily pads for disturbing their quietude. The interviewer today was reasonably persistent asking about the objections which have been raised to the nomination of a CIA official to be head of the agency, a woman who had tacitly approved of water boarding and other methods of torture. The interviewer asked:  "We understand your point: she did not break the law, but of the agency head, is it not fair to ask about a person whose defense is, 'I was just following orders?' Is she not required, as head, to have a moral compass?"

That got Short's dander up and that's where he spread his full frat boy wings and launched into a condemnation of the Democrat Party--Trump and company, every Republican from Mitch McConnell on down insist on referring not to the Democratic Party but to the DemocRAT party--and Short said, "Well, it's only that Bernie Sandinista party of the left wing Democrat party that thinks that way!"
White House strategist 

Mad Dog was listening on radio, but he could just see that smirk on Short's face, unleashing that "Bernie Sandinista" thing.

It just sounded so pernicious and ultra left wingy.

Who were  the Sandinistas, anyway?  Professor Google instructs it was the revolutionary party which fought and ultimately overthrew the murderous Somosa family which terrorized Nicaragua for years. And yes, the Sandinistas were socialists, which makes Bernie Sandinista sound doubly treacherous and funny.

You could just see Marc sitting with his feet up on his desk at the White House trying "Bernie Sandinista" on his co workers, holding his UVA mug, and grinning like he'd just pulled Bernie's pants down in front of a carload of sorority pledges. 
Oh, I just DESTROYED that sucker, Marc was saying. I'm so ridiculously sick. Nobody can touch me. High fives!

Who do we have, as Democrats who can smack this playground bully upside the head and stomp a foot on his neck until he cries for mercy?
Chris Pappas?
Maura Sullivan?

Mindi Messmer?

One more Bronze Star than Marc Short

Maybe somebody who has actually had a shot fired at him in anger--a real actual shot, as in a bullet, something Marc Short  never experienced swilling beer on the frat house porch down in Charlottesvile. Short, Heel Spurs, these are the phony tough guys. We got the real article now, on the Democratic side.

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