Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Brave Up Dems: Grow Some Balls

So President Trump goes on national TV to announce his nominee for the Supreme Court. A FANTASTIC guy. Really terrific. And if the Democrats, FOR ONCE, would just cooperate with the Republicans then we can get this guy on the court, repeal Roe v Wade and establish a theocracy and be done with it. Just make the deal.

Mr. Trump can negotiate this.

And how did the Democrats respond?
Did they break into tears?
Did their chins tremble?
Did their voices get all choked up?

No. They said they would give the new guy "careful consideration" because, unlike the Republicans, they are fair minded people who want the government to work as the Constitution directs and they will advise and consent. Mostly, they'll consent, in the end, because, after all, they are meek and they will not inherit the earth but will bend over and drop their drawers so the Republicans can have their way.

Crude? Sure. But that's what the Dems need now. You are faced with crude, don't faint and turn pale. Stand up and start swinging.

What Senator Shaheen should say:

The Republican President has nominated a candidate he hopes to place on the Supreme court to make good on his campaign promise to create a Court which will reverse Roe v Wade and outlaw abortion.  The Republican Senate refused to vote on Mr. Obama's nominee who was uncommitted on this, in a move which clearly stated the new willingness to recognize the reality we all saw but refused to name: Namely, the Supreme Court is a political body. It's members vote along Party lines and they do not, as they claim simply call balls and strikes. Each new member redefines the strike zone and right now we've got 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans and that's the way it's going to stay until President Trump is either re elected or defeated. If they want to try the Nuclear Option, let them. They want a real revolution in this country, come at us. Let's get down to it.
Four sure votes on any issue: Politics pure and simple

But do you think any Democrat is willing to say this?
When you think about it, there is actually some bipartisan cooperation in Congress, now and then. Sometimes a Congressman will surprise you. But Supreme Court justices do not surprise you. They vote exactly how you expect they'll vote, because you know their politics, their philosophy.
Our Democratic Senators will  dance around the truth--we'll try to give the impression we are "fair minded" so the Republicans don't invoke the Nuclear Option.
What you have to ask yourself is this: Do you think there is a reason they haven't invoked it already?

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