Monday, February 6, 2017

Dope Slap the Cowering

How many headlines begin with the word "fear" or the phrase, "I fear" or "So and so fears Trump may..."

If I hear one more person say he's afraid the Muslim ban will alienate, or he's afraid Trump placing Bannon in the Security Council will results in dire consequences, or she's afraid about the environment which her daughter will grow up in because Mr. Trump thinks women ought to be sex objects or he's afraid what will happen to Medicaid or health insurance or Social Security or Medicare or the environment  or the polar bears or Native Americans or immigrants or Dreamers or you name the group or the cause, I may have to start throwing punches, or at least dope slaps.

Our so called President and his men, (especially Steve Bannon) just grin when they hear people expressing fear with quivering chin and quaking voice. That's just the sort of fear they hope to strike in the hearts of their enemies.

If you are afraid, shut the chump up and get out of the way and allow people who are not afraid to speak in public and keep your candy ass terror to your own self  and  get off the field.

If Donald Trump won because he was not afraid, because he was willing to take a risk and because he sounded confident, defiant and bold, then he deserved to win if we cannot find liberals who are all of that, and also correct, unlike the Donald, our so called President who is never in doubt but most often wrong.

Let us not forget this is not a man to be feared. He's a pathetic jerk, a weakling with a weak head, but he is no more to be feared than a drunk driver.
Yes, he can cause damage, but not because he is fearsome.

Get over it.


  1. Mad Dog,
    I agree-we need to dispense with the word fear when it comes to that ridiculous, loud mouthed, self absorbed fool in the White House. We're justified to be concerned, cognizant, worried-pick your term-that the idiot will get us involved in a war-but you're right- let's quit with the "fear".

    We don't need to be afraid of Trump or his henchman Bannon. They are both bullies and the best way to deal with such is ferociously-it's certainly not a time to be turning the other cheek. We, as responsible citizens, need to consistently show our support for politicians, celebrities and news media outlets that speak out against Trump and his almost daily lies. Hopefully this will encourage others to join the fight and eventually reduce Donald to an ineffectual squatter with nothing more to decide than the menu at State dinners. Dinners, by the way, that no self respecting world leader will attend. Now that would really be dealing a mortal blow..

  2. Ms. Maud,
    Well, excuuuse me. You are talking about the leader of the free world. Actually, do you think Theresa May and Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin refer to Donald as TLOTFW?
    I suppose this means you won't accompany me to the dinner at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I was just getting my tuxedo out of the closet to see if there are any stains from that last party at Wentworth. You know, the Smuttynose bash for Free Staters? I thought you'd probably want to wear your sequined gown, with the deep décolletage, a la Maria Bartiromo. You know how disappointed the Donald will be. My invitation arrived just this morning. Something about the "Poontang Ball." Didn't get it. Is that some New York thing?
    Mad Dog