Monday, February 13, 2017

Oh, The Fraud: No Legitimate Voters in New Hampshire. They're all Crooks!

President Trump will have you know that the only reason he lost New Hampshire was all those Massachusetts voters who were bused in to vote for Hillary, after they had voted for Hillary in their home state.

He got this idea from Governor Chris Sununu, who pointed to Martha Fuller, a state senator who had three Democratic workers living in her house before the 2008 and 2012 elections who claimed "domicile" in New Hampshire and voted there.

Governor Sununu is just sleazy enough to extrapolate this instance into a general case, questioning the credibility of any electoral results from New Hampshire.

Having said all this, even Mad Dog finds it surprising to learn
1. You can vote in New Hampshire if you have any sort of address, even, presumably, a motel, or a winter rental down at Hampton beach.
2. There is not length of residence requirement, so those election workers would have been legal voting in New Hampshire.
3. To be legally "domiciled" in New Hampshire you have to sleep most of your nights in the state or you have to intend to return there after an absence, as a soldier posted to Afghanistan might.
4. To vote you do not need a picture ID--you need only have your photo taken at the polls and if the Secretary of State challenges your vote, you have to answer for that later.

Of course, Republicans talk about voting fraud as a pretext to prevent voters from voting, because, at least until this past election, it was pretty clear most voters would vote against Republicans if given the chance, so the technique, which was used as long ago as post Civil War has been to throw up enough obstacles to intimidate, humiliate and thwart voters who may not be very literate, who feel intimidated by government officials in general, from voting.

On the other hand, no duration of residence?  Virtually anyone crossing the border and getting a hotel room or crashing a friend's couch can vote in this highly contentious state? 
No evidence such a loosey goosey approach has actually resulted in bus loads of Massachusetts Democrats crossing the border to throw New Hampshire elections to the Democrats, but really.

As a New Hampshire resident, do I want somebody who has spent three days in the state voting for my governor, my state representatives and my President?

Having said all this, do we really believe Mr. Trump that 3 millions voters voted fraudulently for Hillary?  Do we really want to believe a man who offers no evidence for his claims, who claims the lady in the parking lot, who told him vaccines cause mental retardation also told him about the massive voting fraud, finding in Mr. Trump, a receptive audience for the voting fraud charge, which explained what he could not comprehend or accept--that he is actually a minority President, which is to say, a so called President, or put another way, a fake President, a fraud.


  1. Well that decides it. My vacation home is going to be in NH instead of VT. You need my vote more!

  2. JML,
    Welcome aboard. Apparently, you do not even need to buy a vacation home here. You can just visit me overnight and you are domiciled!
    Mad Dog