Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Pelosi and Schumer: Cringeworthy

Chuck Schumer scored a perfect 1600 on his college board SAT exam. This is surprising because among the Democratic Senators your see on TV he shows every evidence of being a truly inarticulate, clueless, tone deaf mediocrity. He spoke yesterday at the National Press Club in Washington and stumbled through the speech he tried to read. It was full of clich├ęs, uninspiring metaphors which sounded as if he had pulled them out of the recycle bin after the Democratic National Convention.

Nancy Pelosi, now 76 and looking every bit of it, was almost as bad, losing her place on the page of the remarks she read.

Both were better during the question and answer sessions, revealing their intimate knowledge of the history of various pieces of legislation.

At one point Schumer answered a question by saying, "It is a well known fact Israel has nuclear weapons, although exactly how many or what kind they've not said."

The fact is, it may be a widely held assumption, or suspicion, or it may be a secret in name only, but we have acted and planned  in the American government as if this is received truth, and all the countries in the region have too.  But a fact it is not.

This may seem like a small point, but it is just one easy example of how sloppy Schumer is in speech, how inelegant and how uninspiring. He could have done so much more with that issue.
"Israel has never acknowledged that nuclear weapons are part of its arsenal, but I have it on good authority that Iran, Syria and all its neighbors assume Israel does have such weapons and that is good enough for me. The fear of nuclear weapons, as we all know, is probably as important of the actual possession."

Or all that like.

The fact is the Donald has an unerring instinct for the jugular. He described Marco Rubio as small and Jeb Bush has low energy and now Schumer as a light weight. Coming from a guy who has no street cred for brains, describing a guy who went to Harvard, this may seem odd, but that's what Schumer looks like on TV, a lightweight.

Nancy Pelosi is 76 and Schumer is not a young 66. They are both too feeble to oppose Trump, who, if he is nothing else, has the frenzy of a balloon propelled by escaping air.  He has the energy of a Berlusconi or a Mussolini and the brains to match.

Schumer got all weepy over the thought of immigrant families being torn asunder. He should not have got weepy, he should have got angry.

"Mr. Trump makes war on the helpless and the harmless while he allows the predatory billionaires of Wall Street to escape taxation, just as he himself has. Is this what you wanted in the small towns of Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio? Well, if so, you've got it now. Congratulations. You've beaten up on the little people and you've had President Heel Spur do it for you."

And all like that.


  1. Wow Mad Dog-"the frenzy of a balloon propelled by escaping air"..."President Heel Spur beating up on the little people"..Yes, now you're talking..We need to fight fire with fire-perhaps you should head to Washington..Or someone like you who'll put down the branch and take up the sword..Chuck, nah-he's not the guy..

  2. M,
    Thanks for the vote but I'm actually a little discouraged at the prospects. I've never been a proponent of the great man theory of history, but we do need someone to rally to. Joseph McCarthy eventually burned out, but it was a long time coming. Trump and his minions need an in your face opponent.
    Mad Dog