Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Talking to the Low Information Voter

So I'm sitting with a guy who tells me he wants to build a wall around his house to protect himself from radical Islamic terrorists.

He's an IT guy, who works with cybersecurity for VISA or MasterCard or one of those, and they have some of their hardware in "silos" which are nuclear hardened or something like that, just in case the Russians decide to launch a nuclear strike on our real vulnerability. The Russians aren't going to worry about taking out our missile silos with our ICBM's with the nuclear war heads--no, they are going after our credit cards, cause if we cannot charge things, the Russians know, our world wide power is just so caput. Finito. Gone. Take out those credit card systems and we are on the ash heap of history.

So this guys believes in walls and I don't know if he voted for Donald. I didn't ask. But it sounds as if he's taken a deep gulp of the Donald flavored Kool Aid (tangerine colored) and he's a wall believer.
Donald in his element 

So I tell him about my wife's recent trip to Saigon, excuse me, politically incorrect, Ho Chi Minh City and she has emailed me from there saying she's been touring through the 25 miles of underground, fortified tunnels just outside Saigon.
These things were extensive:  the Viet Cong had ammunition dumps, hospitals, post offices, spas with swimming pools, sun tanning parlors, fingernail salons.
The American Army, Air Force and Marines had no idea. This whole system was right under their noses. Americans were flying very loud, roaring airplanes overhead, off to drop bombs, spread Agent Orange, make big sounds. All totally ineffective. 

But whenever they wanted, the Viet Cong popped out, shot a few American soldiers or ambushed a whole column of American soldiers and then disappeared underground. It was something called surprise. Kind of like the 9/11 attackers who concealed their intentions until they actually emerged to do their nasty, murderous thing. One thing you could say about those terrorists: They were smarter than George W. Bush.

The Cong were smarter than the American President. My wife said, "There's no way we could have won that war." 
She saw, with the clarity of hindsight, how dug in those Viet Cong were She could not see how ineffective our tactics were. We had faith in big American things that go bang. Sent them a message, we did, with our loud bombs.  Just make them tremble and they will all run away.
The thing is, when we are fighting an asymmetric war with people who are not as big as we are, who do not have big nuclear missiles, big armies, big wheeled trucks, the enemy tends to say to himself: I cannot beat these Americans by slugging it out--so I'll be more clever, which, given what the Americans are like, is not  too difficult.

So, why, I asked are Americans so stupid?

The IT guy laughed. 
Did you read about the Mexican cartel guys who dug tunnels under the wall on the border with Texas and just went under the wall?  I asked him that. He remembered hearing something about that.

But we've got a fine wall going up, pretty soon. Those Mexican rapists will get to that wall and just give up.

It's going to make all the difference. Keep those rapists on the other side of that wall.

And as for those radical Islamists, we're going to intercept them at the airports, because they would never be clever enough figure out another way into the country.
(Hint, long, undefended border with a country to our north, begins with "C" and almost rhymes with stamina, which is what these maniacs have got plenty of.)
This would take a long tunnel from Mexico, but there are daily flights
We are just going to seal America up tight, see.  We build this long wall along the Southern border so nobody gets over that.
Ad in Mexico City Daily News: Visit Canada. It's all downhill from there.
Then we look at the East Coast and at the West Coast and at the Gulf Coast and we say, hey we don't need no frigging wall there, because Islamist radicals can't swim. They're basically desert rats: afraid of the water. 
You can walk across it, and the weather's great!
And nobody's coming from Syria and crossing in from the north, because it's cold up there in Canada and those desert dwellers can't take the cold. 

So, there you are. We are tight as a tick. Nobody can hurt us. 

Hey, Live Dumb or Die.

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