Sunday, February 5, 2017

The So Called Judge

What a relief!  President Trump blows by all that politically correct garbage and finally calls out a so called judge for blowing a huge hole in our border defenses! Here's what Mr. President had to say about that so called judge:

"That judge, who has Mexican heritage on one side and Muslim on the other, who was born in Kenya and who has condoned rape by illegal aliens as behavior which emanates from a deprived childhood, should be sent down to  Arizona and put to work at hard labor building the wall, like the Chinese coolies we hope to import to get this thing built at, well, coolie wages. I'm looking into getting him reassigned as we speak. 
I mean, where does this guy get off calling himself a "judge?"  He wasn't even born in Indiana.

Just look at this guy. It just really ticks me off, seeing guys who are such phonies, pretending to be what they're not. Judge? So-called judge.
So-called judge. Really? A goatee?
Just take one look and you know. A bow tie? On a judge? Really. and what is that? A goatee?  I mean who appointed this guy judge?  
What? George W? Well, now this makes more sense. That low energy family is just brain dead through and through. Starting with George H.W. Bush. What kind of guy needs four names? Not a real man. A real man needs only three, period. You know what they called H.W. when he was President? Wimp. A wimp! And he was, with that wimpy voice of his.  Did you know he had to bail out of his airplane in World War II? What kind of hero is that, bails out?  Personally, I like the guys who do not have to bail out. 
Yeah, I know, he flew off the deck of aircraft carriers and all like that. But he bailed! What kind of so-called "hero" bails?
No, I never flew off an aircraft carrier deck, or landed on one. Right. My heel spurs disqualified me. Bunch of politically correct draft board doctors said I couldn't fight. But I wanted to. Soo bad. But I never got the chance, but if I had, I wouldn't have bailed.  Wind up in the water. Shark bait. I would've been such a hero. I would have been just...FANTASTIC.
Me, as a soldier. Notice all the medals.

Look at me, though. I was, like a soldier because I went to military school. Same difference. Really. 
What I would have looked like, if it weren't for my heel spurs.

That school was incredibly tough and dangerous. And I never bailed. Not once!
That's me. Never captured! Never bailed!

But back to the judge. Who does he think he is contradicting the President of the United States. And you know all those Muslim countries agree with me about not letting those death and destruction terrorists come into our country. 
Borders have to mean something.
What we got now, until this thing gets over ruled is so called laws.
Just look at the vote on this. I got over 430,000 thumbs up on that Twitter. 
I got all the best words."
The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!

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