Friday, January 5, 2018

My Imaginary Obama

Starting every day with a tweet from the Dotard is a great way to wake up. Splash of cold water in the face.

New to Twitter, I signed up to follow my favorites, but with President Obama there were several choices. One was BarakObama @ BarackObama but it was really dull. It showed a picture of Mr. Obama and his profile said he was a Dad a Husband a former President and a Citizen, presumably in that order. Its posts showed the usual yawners about let's all celebrate the new year by resolving to do better. Whatever.

But there was another site, Barack Obama at Prez Obama which was much more lively. This was his alter ego site, I presumed, the angry Obama site, like that Angry Obama he did with the comedian Keegan-Michael Key (his "anger translator)  at the Washington correspondents' dinner.

And best of all, he liked almost all my responses! A little red heart appeared when I said something he liked.

But, oh, woe is me. The Obama I liked so much turned out to be a fake Obama, a website run by the comedian Carrot Top.
Bogus Obama: "I'm the one in the middle"

And too bad. That cartoon the phony Obama posted in response to the my-penis-button-is-bigger-than-yours was priceless. Especially with the comment: I'm the one in the middle.

Of course, that was also my clue this was not Obama.

Obama just never mixed it up like that.

You wanted him to. That first debate with Romney was a disaster because he simply could not get mad. He wasn't just a mild mannered, nice guy in that debate; he was a eunuch.

Which may, in some way, explain the appeal of Trump. Just give me a guy who can throw a punch, even a clumsy, stupid, wild and ineffective punch.

Of course, now with North Korea suddenly talking with South Korea, Mr. Trump claims it was all because he was such a tough guy with such a big penis.
But I am sure a lot of my fellow citizens nodded when Trump complained about Pakistan and asked why were are giving them money. And why we need to prop up NATO when the European nations are not pulling their share.

So, when the next Democrat emerges, I hope he'll be more like my imaginary Obama.
The real Obama is still the best President in my lifetime.


  1. Mad Dog,
    Actually I'm relieved that the cartoon was the product of the fake Obama..Even though I have also weighed in on the button subject, I'm glad Obama has wisely chosen to remain above the fray on this one...

    As for the next Democratic prospect-my criteria is simple-say what you mean, strongly and know that compromise is not always a good thing...

  2. Maud,
    Well, then, you are now gravitating toward the Grant mode. Lincoln (and the country) were so tired of waffling, and Grant kept saying, "I will not take one step back." We need that in some Democrat now.
    (He was also known as "unconditional surrender" Grant.)